Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mommy Makeup

Has anyone checked out Mommy Makeup? It's designed for chic mommies on the go. I typically feature my fotd's on this site, but being a mommy, those looks (that can take 20-25 minutes to do) aren't always on the go. When you know you have a lot ahead and wearing the hot of mommy can be draining, you need a beauty routine to take you from feeling drab to chic and polished instantly, instead of totally giving up the idea of wearing makeup. That's where the Pretty and Polished kit comes in. The set includes:
"Paint by Number" Instructions & Face Chart
Mommy's Little Helper Concealer
Mineral Dual Powder SPF8
Eye Triplets Shadow
Lush Mascara
Mineral Bronze-n-Blush
Mommy's Kisses-lipgloss and liner
Black Mesh Makeup Bag (Free Gift!)

I have not tried this product myself (the price is kinda scary), but it's great to know that some mommies are designing products with real mommies in mind!


Southern Sugar said...

love this!

yummy411 said...

great! if you ever try it, please let us know!!