Wednesday, September 12, 2007

SMASHBOX: Day to Night Makeup Vid

Okay, here's another really good vid from Smashbox showing you how to take your makeup from day to nite... and you don't have to own flashy makeup to make the look daring and sultry.


  • For the glowing skin, the artist used foundation mixed with Smashbox's Artificial Light (an illuminating lotion) Their illuminating lotion retails for about $28-32 (It was one of my first Smashbox products! I love it.) You can buy Wet N Wild's illuminating lotion in about 4 different colors, $3.99. Black Radiance;$3.99, and Benefit; $24, have nice illuminating lotions as well. There are many concoctions you can make for a glowing look, but those are my run to products for an all in one ethereal glow. The difference between the cheaper products and the one used in the vid is that Smashbox's is a healthier potion for your skin. Like all makeup, be sure to wash your face to remove the makeup well when using the WnW.
  • See the outer v technique the artist did? Great. That is very important to a lot of defined looks.

Oh that waterline (water rim) brush and Jet Setter waterproof gel liner is on my soon-to-buy list!!!


twinkle twinkle said...

Don't forget that Prescriptives also makes a great liquid luminizer, it's their Magic Foundation Priming Potion in Deep. I am such a Px junkie, can you tell? Stila makes a few, and if you can get you hands on a the #6 discontinued shade, it is divine.

Oh and please do recommend somemore Smashbox products. I have a few but generally the line leaves me underwhelmed.

yummy411 said...

thanks for the recommendations TT. I've tried some Stila as well.

unfortunately, I don't use smashbox as much as I'd like for the same reason... being underwhelmed. however, i do appreciate lines such as smashbox and bobbi brown for playing up the natural and working with your best assets: definig your best features and perfecting fresh skin. as I find more products, I'll def tell all!