Tuesday, September 11, 2007

M by Mariah Carey

(photos: Macy's, NowSmellThis)

Here's what NowSmellThis quoted from Elizabeth Arden:

A warm and inviting marshmallow is woven throughout the fragrance, evoking a sense of comfort. This indulgent accord captures Mariah's fondest childhood memories of being in the kitchen with her father.
The lush floral heart of the fragrance combines a feminine veil of Living Tahitian Tiare flower wrapped in the aura of wet Gardenia petals. This beautiful blend is reminiscent of the fragrant breezes of Hawaii and the Isle of Capri, Mariah's favorite getaway.
The soul of the fragrance reveals a sexier dimension. Sheer amber, infused with spicy, woody accents of Moroccan incense forms a seductive accord that embodies Mariah's sensuality, beauty and glamour.
Sounds sickeningly sweet and warm.. eck!

I spoke of wanting to smell this perfume before. I imagined a frou frou Barbie scent, too cheesy to be glam, unicorns and butterflies. Well, this past weekend I had attraction at first whiff. I'm sure I'll have to smell it 3 more times before committing, but right now it's on my list to buy. I'm fairly surprised! Because of the marshmallow scent, I knew it would be too sweet or juvenile. However, it is an Elizabeth Arden fragrance which tells me that it will have a little more class. The sweet scent was mellow and mixed with the woody accents very delicately. The bottle in the picture is okay. The butterfly on the cap isn't quite elegant. Maybe a crystallized one that's not so rounded? When seeing it, I didn't pay much attention to it (maybe the sales assistant still had it in her hand? can't remember) The ad picture is not appealing at all. I don't want to think of her naked, rolling around in water when smelling the fragrance. I can't take you from top note to dry down because as I said, it was attraction at first whiff, but I'll give Mariah an A+ for pulling this off. I'll update if I'm in another mood that makes me think differently LOL...

Here's a better description from Macy's:
An ethereal presence captivating like a song. Mariah’s signature scent is a harmonious marriage of velvety sensual notes and the textured floralcy of the Living Tahitian Tiare flower. This beautifully feminine fragrance will linger in your mind like a timeless melody.

Yeh, that sounds better.

And a heck of a better ad pic floating around on the net. NowSmellThis states that this is not one of the official pics. Well, E.A. you guys should take some tips on this one. I like this much better than her bare bum! Why does it always have to be t&a with her? I'm glad the fragrance doesn't reflect that!

(added): Also the fragrance comes in 1.7oz and 3.3oz eu de parfum sprays. A body lotion 6.7oz has launched with this fragrance. Retail $28-$62.


Spicy Salsa said...

Marshmallows?? Who wants to smell like a rice krispy treat?

yummy411 said...

lol a rice krispy treat! lol you would expect that from her, but it totally doesn't smell like that... try it!

Butta said...

Love the redesign! But I actually got a sample of Mariah's perfume in the mail and I was actually impressed. I'm thinking of trying it out as well. People hear "marshmallows" and get turned off but it totally doesn't smell how you think it would.

yummy411 said...

thanks Butta! I was impressed too!

twinkle twinkle said...

The butterfly does look like something out Limited Too, lol. Oh Mariah. Thank goodness I'm not in a fragrance phase at the moment or you might have me adding this to my wishlist.

And I love the new layout, much easier to navigate.

yummy411 said...

thanks TT.

Anonymous said...

I also was very surprised that it smelled good!

yummy411 said...

hey anon! these celebrity fragrances will surprise you!