Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Beauty World and Sephora

Lovelies, I had a mommy's only nite out and headed to MAC to grab the hottest color Fiction eye shadow because I saw a great fotd on Temptalia's page. I thought it would be the perfect smokey, neutral green that would help my eyes to pop. I got to see it in person and I didn't feel compelled to buy. I also took a peek at Humid and Saturnal. I grabbed Saturnal because it's limited edition (like everything these days) and the last time i tried it, it was a hot crease color. I'll get Humid later, since it's a permanent item. I picked up Saddle because it's one of the best standard browns for creases.

I tried on different blushes to satisfy my appetite for my long gone Fleurry blush. I tried and love (soon will buy) Blunt, Sweet as Cocoa, and Format. I even tried the scary, super bright pink Dollymix! Will buy soon =) Old favs, but can you believe I've never tried them? I used the #109 brush, a soft small blush brush to be sure to control that color. I like! But my knock-off, travel size #168 brush serves me just fine right now.

I then headed to Sephora...I think I'm finally a Beauty Insider. I've always replied to the emails, I thought I was signed up, but now it should be official. A rewards system: for every $100 I spend at Sephora in the store or online, I will get a free gift. Sounds good to me!

I was able to try out the new items from Benefit. I AM IMPRESSED. The new 24K gold lipstick is truly fabulous. You won't have metallic gold lips like Grace Jones, but you will have a lustrous sparkly gold pout. It seems to be a more moisturizing formula, though it appears a sheer frost. It also seems to fall into that category of sort of a lipstick, not quite a gloss. Cute packaging. I also tried the one size fits all Some Kinda Gorgeous, cream to powder complexion perfecter-- well, they do say that it fits *most* skin tones. I happen to fall into that 'most' category. I tried the oil-free formula on my hand and to my surprise, I got a velvety smooth finish that disappeared, giving the back of my hand a polished look. I was doubtful because I'm a woman of color, I just knew it wouldn't fit me. The sales assistant was just as impressed and tried it for herself. The sales assistant felt she would be too pale and it wouldn't compliment her rare orange undertones. It fit both of us! Quite astonishing and a great buy at $26! While I tried it on the back of my hand, I will give it at stab at my face; not stab but 'smooth over'. I didn't get a good look at that new Cupid's Bow product, but that's one you have to use to actually see what it really does.

I also got a chance to stop buy Urban Decay to sample the new Matte eye shadows. Gorgeous, vivid, bold and to my liking- a nice velvet, almost creamy texture. Simply divine. I am not, however, impressed by the selection of colors. Nothing is new or unique. They offer your basic staples of crayola 8's.

No more brush sale at Sephora =(

I was able to smell Roxy and L.A.M.B. as these were recommended to me to try on my skin. I have to prioritize my bloodhound work and reserve skin testing for the best. Why I was recommended Roxy, I have no idea. Roxy seems like a fragrance targeted to 12-18 year olds... I know my youthfulness exudes, but Roxy was not for me. On me, it smelled like someone's personal scent, a clash of powder deodorant, baby Vaseline, hair grease, nondescript body lotion and clothes starch. I came to this conclusion after letting the perfume go through all of its notes and then some... it was not worthy of a skin test. I had given L.A.M.B. a quick sniff once and wasn't won over by a quickie, so I gave it another try. No real description from me, but surprisingly enough it was a nice, subtle, mature fragrance. I love the unisex bottle. I know that this is cheesy and not the norm, but I'm interested in the celebrity fragrances-- just to see what people will put their name on just to make more money. M for the Mariah Carey perfume, obviously is supposed to stand for marshmallows as that is one ingredient people are dreading. I took a whiff of the Beyonce perfume, it's a pass for me since it didn't grab my attention at first sniff. I'm sure I'll try it again to be fair. The bottle looks cheesier in person, but glam in the ads. The others, I'll just wait... oh can't forget about the Diddy perfume for the women. I'm waiting to see what his cocky tail expects a woman to smell like.

Ok folks, that's all I'm reporting tonite.... here's one of my fotds where I'm really working on the low key, subtle, neutral,polished but not overdone....kinda look lol
Today, I had to improvise with products because I left my trusty makeup essentials at home.
(All MAC, unless otherwise stated.)
CoverGirl CG Smoothers tinted moisturizer in light to medium
CoverGirl Queen collection cream foundation sub-ing as concealer
Victoria Secret Mosaic Luminous Bronzer
Blunt blush
Nars Orgasm to highlight
Combo of shadows from CoverGirl Urban Basics and Lion Queen eye shadow palettes
Mascara as liner with #212SE brush
Loreal Voluminous Black mascara (borrowed from my sister)
Brows- some mix of a shimmery brown and dark matte brown shadow using the #212SE brush
a little of Thrills l/s and Benefit 24k gold l/s


applediva said...

Girll, you are a superstar!!! Your look is totally polished and professional.

You are going to regret Fiction. Just get and keep it in your stash. I loves, loves that color. Oh a MAC MA said that Copperized pigment can be used in place of Fiction....

Divine Blackness said...

Okayyy, a fellow Beauty Insider! I'm shocked you weren't one before. Yumster, I'm lovin' the neutral look. Your eyebrows are sooo fierce. Dang. Imma get there one day.

Sad sad, I know. Brush sale at Sephora in Tampa, FL has been over for awhile. I didn't even catch any good sales when it was goin' on. Better luck next time.

Great reports!!

yummy411 said...

@diva: thanks girl! woot woot! i have copperized!

@b: i think i was, but wasn't sure. so it's official now that i've signed up in the store. thanks for the compliments... yeh next time i'm going to be all over those brushes!

twinkle_twinkle said...

Very nice look in the pic! Blunt might just be the most universal blush MAC makes with Dollymix trailing in a close second.

Fiction is awesome. I have Copperized and I haven't noticed a similarity, but Greensmoke e/s is similar although it's a lustre so it has less color pay off.

And I so capitlized on that Sephora sale. I think I ended up purchasing 8 brushes.

P.S - How did you get such a cool looking blog page? I want one!

yummy411 said...

thanks for stopping by TT! I'm glad someone made good fo that sale.

karen, said...

I love this look on you. It's very professional yet it can be something you can wear on a hot date. Lovely!

yummy411 said...

Thanks Karen! I'm loving the concept of less is more these days =)

Southern_Lady said...

You look so pretty! Love the hat.

yummy411 said...

thanks S-L!!! i appreciate that =)