Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lash Tutorial!

Just for you Traci!

I searched high and low to find the most explicit and clear tutorial. Most of them were breezy and done in a flash, which is not the real deal if you don't know how to apply falsies. Here's a great one!


  • I've never applied lashes using tweezers. (I've always been afraid of poking my eye out! lol) I definitely encourage you to try that method, though. Your fingers might get in the way of the fine detail you may need to see.
  • You don't necessarily need false lash remover. (Again, I've never used it.. just carefully take the lashes off.)

Here's Eve Pearl's version. Take the lash look up a notch using the Eve Pearl trick! Seriously y'all, I love this woman!

If you happen to feel gutsy, try some lashes on the bottom! I can't wait to play around with this! I've seen quite a few looks that have inspired me dearly!
(She gives no real explanation to what she's doing so... if you try this, good luck!)

I hope that helps! Tell me what you think!


Anonymous said...

Great Idea, so many people can benefit from these tutorials!!!!

yummy411 said...

thanks SB! I like having them around for MY archives too LOL

Kim said...

Oh you don't understand badly I need this.

yummy411 said...

I hope it helps Kim! Thanks for stopping by my page.

misstonip said...

Ok, I loved the first 2 tutorials. I know it's hard to find good ones. The last one was sooooo wack though. I don't even know why she bothered to post that. I guess that's cool if you already know what you are doing....but you post tutorials as if a person hasn't a clue. Anyhoo.. I enjoyed the first 2. I liked Eve's trick of flipping the lashes upward. I'll be trying that. Toodles!!

yummy411 said...

misstonip: don't you just love eve? i trust her to do a flawless job with any skintone! trust me, some people don't have a clue and that's okay. that's why these tutorials are great. yeh the last one is a bit sketch, but more giving you an idea of how easy it is to pull off that lowerlash thing..

did you know that the new MAC lashes are shorter than the old ones to help fit your lash better? no more clipping the ends lol

Traci said...

I love you for this, Kia. Thank you so much. I'm scared to use tweezers. I don't have good hand eye coordination. lol!

yummy411 said...

no i love you traci! lol i can't wait to see some pics of you in lashes!!

rocketqueen said...

Great great great!

Anonymous said...