Monday, September 24, 2007

Just to share..

So this is after a meet up, where I was denied entry... makeup going to waste? Well no, just come home and have a photo shoot! LOL

"It ain't where he's at, it's where he wanna beeeee!"

"I don't want yo man, cuz I got it like that, but it ain't even gotta be like that"
Damn Missy! Why can't she EVA rap any lyrics that make sense???
But that song bangs... hahaha

Here, I'm trying to get in this summer look that I've been wanting to try. I gotta tweak it, cuz this look can be hotter... ugh I guess for next summer =)

"Here’s a lil lesson, Lil’ Kim don't stress em. 'Kick em' all straight to the curb like Beckham"

"If he ain’t gonna love you the way he should, then let it go(Heyyyeahhhhhh-yeahhhhh)
If he ain’t gonna treat you the way he should, then let it go"

9/25 Releases:

Keyshia Cole is dropping her new album

Jill (Scott) is finally releasing her project

Jagged Edge has an album (publicity? marketing?)

Keyshia's jam is the only record really getting play which is why I can recite these lyrics lol...
I need a preview to make sure it's not on BL status....


Kim said...

yes. I would love to exchange links with you!

misstonip said...

Yes, Imma need you to leave 95.5 alone for a minute...LOL! You are funny. Girl, it's getting scary...You look like Aunt Toni in the second pic :-) Ok, lata babe...Smooches!!

Ana said...

love the eye makeup. i have yet to master that art

karen, said...

What brown do you have in the crease in the first pic? Love it...

I can't wait for the new Keisha Cole. My dance teacher got an advance CD and she says that it's "just okay" but I'm gonna still get it on iTunes probably!

yummy411 said...

kim: i'll update soon =)

misstonip: you are too funny.

ana: thank you!

karen: thanks! believe it or not, there isn't a brown. its just the shadows from my crease. i'm wearing a MAC blue shadow from the Well-Plumed quad from the Untamed collection (fall 06?)

i love keyshia's new song, but i will be previewing it on to make sure it's purchase worthy LOL. if you get it first please tell me what you think or what tracks i should listen for

applediva said...

Did anyone get Kanye's CD?? I like kinda beats.

Girl, you got the eye game on lock. You will be the valedictorian of beauty school, get your speech ready. :)

karen, said...

wow! lucky you to have such a pretty, defined crease ( i have days when i seriously can't find mine). and yes, i'll let you know when i get a listen. i love her songs so hopefully a few of them will be good.

and am i reading too much into applediva's comment, or did i miss something? when did you start beauty school?

yummy411 said...

diva: i want kanye's cd.. when i get it we can compare notes =)

thanks girl! i can only try =)

karen:yeh let me know how you like keysh's cd. i haven't gotten that yet either.

i start school on the 10th =)

Talysha said...

Loves the makeup look Kia! I'm diggin the green eyeshadow and blue liner very much. Keep it hun... great blog.

yummy411 said...

thanks talysha! you know i love seeing the styles on your page too!

aura said...

Fierce eye makeup! Love the colors.

yummy411 said...

thanks aura!!