Wednesday, May 02, 2007

FOTD: Prescriptives

Yo K-Money! lol

My friend Kiya had to tell me all about her trip to Prescriptives. She was excited about her custom blended makeup.. and so was I! I spoke of Prescriptives before, but after hearing about Kiya's experience, I have to stop one day and invest (lol) in some makeup especially made for me!

She gave me the run down: a consultation and blending at the counter takes about an hour, the cost is average $28- about $38 roughly, she loves the coverage and skin tone match. Sounds great to me.

We were so excited, you know I had to ask for pics (even if it was with a cam phone. What else are they for people??)

See! Nice, bare, even skin, no visible blemishes... perfect!
Kiya can be seen here also... Thanks money!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Yummy,

I am liking the look. And the lips are fierce (snapn the finger in a circle)


yummy411 said...

kiya, that one's for you! mutha, i think the gloss is custom blended too.

AppleDiva said...


Thanks for post on foundation. Recently, my brand discontinued my color...there is a comparable color, but who wants to deal with that. (drugstore purchase.) I checked out Ulta store 3 weeks ag (for the 1st time.) I shall go back and have them find me an I-Man shade right for me. I will also check out Prescriptives b.c I need options!!

yummy411 said...

please let us/me know what you came up with!

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...

I've been dieing to try Prescriptives custom blend products as well! It's on my to-do list!

yummy411 said...

can't wait to read a review from you about trying out prescriptives!