Saturday, April 28, 2007

omigosh..i'm in lust

Roll Top Beauty Tote, $60
At this price, it's not lust at all.. When I saw this at Sephora, I knew I had to have it. This is what my purse really should look like (yikes.) Where am I toting this much makeup? I don't know, but my at home stash won't fit in this.


applediva said...


I do not know about this make-up carrier for everyday use as I am not a MA. But it would be nice for a weekend outing. LOL

yummy411 said...

hey apple,
girl i was being sarcastic, meaning i carry around too much makeup! =p and i prob won't get use out of it, since i'm not a makeup artist either =(( i'll be working on that ;)

samida said...

Crazy me, but I WOULD use that as an everyday bag. Come to think of it, my everyday bag is bigger than that. Mi madre always joke that soon I will be trying to pass off a suitcase as a purse! Hmm, I wish!

yummy411 said...

really samida! don't throw out your back trying to carry everything! LOL