Saturday, April 28, 2007

Face Time: Mommy and me!

Here's my lovely, cooperative mommy. Yes, she's subjected to makeup too, over her morning coffee, LOL. Ummm, yes, a purple look. I have more purple than any other color in my collection. (Balloonancy Quad)

This is me trying a smokey purple look with one of my new fave colors, Twinks by MAC. I'm not feeling too sure about this, but again, I love the color (in the pot and on brown skin honeys)

This was my work face. Of course this would show nothing special, but I wanted to include it anyway =)... Honeylust shadow on my inner corner, shimmermoss out outer-lid with Shade fluidline liner. Cork e/s in my eyebrows.

And this little gorgeous guy is my BabyYum... wearing nothing but 3 y/o silliness of course =)


AppleDiva said...


I see you loves the purple! I adore Twinks! I use Twinks with almost every color in the crease. The burgundy/brown look makes it so workable [not sure if that is a word. :-)] I am glad that the shade is not a LE. I am trying to get my mother to wear eyeshadow. I just got her to get her eyebrows waxed. Good post. Your son is cayute!

My Sis from another Miss,

yummy411 said...

diva girl,
work on moms, okay? lol...
i'm just anxious to work on other skin tones. i think i'm used to working on mine, but the real challenge comes from different skin tones and eye shapes... twinks is beautiful! i found it, cuz this MA at MAC had it on as a lid color with something deeper in her crease.. she was a velvet brown skin tone and it looked abs gawgeous on her!

yummy411 said...

ooh btw.. thanks about my babes.. he's so silly!

Anonymous said...

I love the smokey look on your eyes. Looks great. Girl, by the time I came over on Sat. ma looked like a racoon, LMAO! She had rubbed the make up everywhere....m-m-m. Look at my boo boo...what I wouldn't give to have skin like that again. He's so gorgeous! TTYL. -- Damnit, now I'm gonna have to go and get twinks.

It's Me...Your's Truly said...

Your son is absolutely adorable (god bless him) and you and your mom look a lot alike. Another great job on the makeup!!

yummy411 said...

Yes Antoinette, go get twinks.. or come over and try mine! By the time you came over, I had gone out and I didn't see her.

@yours truly: thanks so much hun!!!

Anonymous said...

Great Job Yummy,

Although baby boy is much cuter