Saturday, March 17, 2007

Welcome to the Family!

Every week/month/year my makeup bag blooms. For a long while I was content with lipglosses, tinted moisturizer and eyeliner. Discovering blush made me squeal with delight and decided that I was "growing up." Since then, I've learned to appreciate foundation, mascara, concealer, eyelash curlers and on and on down the beauty list. With the reactions of medicine, I've seen my face glisten with oil and my makeup glide. I discovered primer to help make my makeup stay, now what would I do for those glistening spot?? I've been contemplating the little blotter sheets and powder for a while, but decided that I really didn't need it up until now. Not being able to get my desired blotter sheets and powder from Tarte, I thought I'd start with a drugstore cosmetic, which is what I always do when experimenting.

I picked up Black Opal's Invisible Oil Blocking Powder ($9.99). My first blotting powder! So far, I've been plenty pleased! It didn't cake on me yet, it is invisible, and comes with a convenient mirror. A Makeup Alley approved item! Welcome to the family (aka the makeup bag) oil blocking powder =)


Melody said...

I am going to have to try that oil blotter...I am always looking for translucent powders...thanks for the insight!

yummy411 said...

hey mels! try it and tell me what you think. i've had success with it just blotting and using it all over my oily zones under my makeup for shine proof =)!