Wednesday, December 20, 2006

D.I.Y. Lip Stain

I've heard all the rave about stains.. lip stains, cheek stains, stain, stain, stain... all the hoopla for the most natural flushed look. I don't know about cheek stains, but here is my accidental discovery on a D.I.Y. lip stain.
Once upon a MAC counter, I tried on a great dark lipstick Desire. After I decided to buy it next visit, I wiped it away... tropical punch lips! I couldn't walk around with brightly stained lips, so I pulled out my favorite nude gloss which has gold shimmer and swiped on a coat, hoping to neutralize the brightness somehow. When I first put it on, I realized nothing would make my lips normal. Then, I took a second look. I liked what I saw! Nice berry hint of color with all the fabulous shine from my gloss. This must be the concept behind the stains!

So there folks is your D.I.Y. lip stain. Take any red (deep) color from your makeup case, leave it for a minute or two, then clear away with a tissue and use a nude or pink gloss for shine.

I guess that's the point of this stuff:

MaxWear Gloss
The two sided gloss comes with one side as stain color and the other side as a top coat gloss. I was tempted by the purple/green gloss (Chartreuse Blend) but got home to a different story. On the color looks deep and sultry. On me, the purple looked high pink and the green gloss clear; not my cup of tea. Just for the sake of it, I do want to try other colors since my D.I. Y. stain worked out. Maybe the Chartreuse Blend wasn't the color for me. Either way, my D.I.Y. stain can be tried and tried again without spending money, and that's always a plus.

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