Friday, December 15, 2006

Reader's Roundup!

Ok, really I was going to post this on Wednesday or Thursday, but here it is just in time for Friday. Some of the best stuff that has come out in the beauty blogosphere that I'm itching to tell you about:
* Yummy! The Beauty Bug tells us about Smashbox's new collection! I'm excited!
*Elke at the Beauty Newsletter (blog) tells us of the latest trend with eyebrows as part of holiday eye makeup... only to keep up with the eyebrow trend that's going on this blog =)
*What could possibly make the Organic Beauty throw out her M.A.C.?? Also, she shares with us more about Miss Jessie's deal on her products.
*Just can't seem to find right fragrance? A little jasmin, a little less amber. Mix up your own! 99 Products tells us about the Body Shop's Invent Your Scent Kit.
*Lipgloss as a pencil?! Bon Bons in a Bath tells about her favorite. Here's for the lipgloss lovers.
*Rural Glamour shares good news about Wet N' Wild, Loreal's HIP and more!
*Nars' new spring collection! Lipstick, Powder N Paint tells us all about it...
Alright, I think that's enough... happy reading and have a yummy weekend!

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