Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Random Beauty and Things

*Drug store finds:
jane. shimmering bronzer in Tahiti
I wanted to finally try one of those multi-colored blushes/bronzers without wasting too much money. I was in my local drugstore and decided to pick one up. A trip isn't complete unless i buy at least one new cosmetic, or two. The drugstore brand jane. had some cool looking ones. I actually use it as blush. Loving shimmer and bronze, it's not too sparkly. With enough of the product, it gives a subtle shimmer. It comes in a convenient compact like HIP shadows; one side product, the other side is casing with a small mirror and brush. Keeper!

Revlon LipGlide in Natural Glow
Convinced by the Eva Mendez photo for the ad, the Natural Glow shade looked great. Of course I want my lips to look like Eva Mendez, but that's not the case. However, it's a flesh colored lip product that gives you a natural vibrance to your lips. Keeper!

Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss

Something new from the our favorite dollar drug store cosmetic Wet n Wild: a glassy gloss pot. Nice colors, good product for a great price. Since I got a color very similar to everything else I own, this doesn't stand out among the products. Still a keeper!

*Rediscovered on my dresser:
Nars the Multiple in Palm Beach
I always read raves of Nars blush. Everyone's favorite is Orgasm. I tried it on during a Sephora frenzy, but didn't find it to be outstanding. Beautiful color-- maybe I didn't have enough on? I passed it up being content that I own an amazing creme colour/blush, MAC's Impropper Copper. That's some stuff to rave about! (Unfortunately, its a summer color for its high shimmer.) I was going through an old makeup bag and found this Nars the multiple. Now this is something that I decided was great. Great color, without the high shine so that it can be used across seasons.

Givenchy Amarige Fragrance
I received a sample of this and decided that it was lovely. I didn't take to it when I first smelled it on the bottle at the department store. I wore it around and found it to be a nice scent. Not too young, not too mature, but struck a nice balance. Now I'm not sure if it's actually Amarige or a derivative... but I hear they are all similar. Many of the perfume critics don't like it and take it not to be anything close to Givenchy's best work. It does smell very familiar, but it's okay for an average girl like myself. I'm enjoying the samples, but don't think it deserves a bottle purchase. Some of the notes (if it is Amarige Mariage) bitter orange, bergamot, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Avon's Sweet Honesty Body Creme

I received this Avon set as a gift, complete with body cream, talc and deodorant. Great moisture whipped body lotion with a soft scent of-...... bubblebath? The scent is a mix of rose, amber and spice. I swear, I try to stay away from amber, but it constantly creeps up on me. When I first rubbed it into my skin, I thought that the scent would bother me, annoy me. That classic Avon scent. Actually, as I wore it throughout the day, it's very subtle and I like to sniff it to remind myself of one of life's simple pleasures- a warm, relaxing bubble bath! Subtle enough to be layered or not to intrude with a real fragrance that I may prefer to wear.

*..and things
Satchel Multi- print
I love this little satchel/tote deal. I love the colors and the simple, yet chic design. I decided it was going to be my new everyday bag, since I needed to ditch the 20lb suitcase that I had been carrying before. (Stay tuned for a "what's all the crap" in my purse post.) It's big enough for my taste and doesn't burden your look. I know that big bags are stylish, but it's nothing stylish about appearing not strong enough to carry a purse. I have enough on my load without a cumbersome bag. Where did I pick up this sweet deal? None other that the beloved Target (by Xhiliration.) My only qualms: the zipper is too low, so I can't carry too many things or everything is sure to fall out AND there is no cell phone pocket inside. Don't designers realize that this is the new millenium? All of us don't clip our phones to our waists. Besides, with the large amount of space, we don't want to lose our cell phone in the bag.


marinamode said...

Hi. Take a look on my shoes
Marina (from France)

ambika said...

Thank God we don't all clip our phones to our waists. I thought that was only for doctors and businessmen without a fashion clue. Cute bag.

emigre said...

Yay for rediscovering a product. It's almost as good as getting something brand-new.

It's cool that you gave Revlon a good review. I've been let down by some of their products so don't use Revlon that much nowadays.

Tear said...

I was checking out your bag on Sunday and I saw it at Target on Monday. I also am in LOVE with the new bags by Rafe'. Oh sooooo Yummy. I will email you the pic.


Jill said...

I love NARS Orgasm, but you do have to use a lot to get the right effect!! Nice blog!!

nywele said...

i use to wear Amarige for a long time a few years ago.. smells so good!

yummy411 said...

so great when you can find a good perfume to be dedicated too! thanks for stopping by!