Friday, September 01, 2006

VMA Fashion/What We're into this season........

VMA Fashion....

Hmmm the VMA's didn't keep my attention the whole time, but of course we took note of the fashion...

Hot! Christina looks fab with the 30's look, y'all know i'm loving it!


Rihanna... sooo cute! She has to stand her ground with all the ridiculous media beef between her and Beyonce'. I don't personally care for the baby doll deal coming back out, but Rihanna is killing it! Hotness!


Diddy being the shiny suit man.. leave tin man on the yellow brick road. Also, I love the fitted suit look/European fit, but Diddy actually has too much in the trunk for the European pants ..hhaahahaa

JLo ... she looks nice and presentable and usually she's a diva in any outfit, but this reminds me why i don't like the baby doll dress fit.

Paris is messing up my ruffled theory.. she looks like a bird trying to fly away.

This season.........

We are into 1.) RED HOT LIPS!

Red lips are a timeless classic, but now they are back bigger than ever. Make a bold statement from your mouth without talking! Brought to our attention by the 20's and 30's pompador, embellished romantic style, some Mediterranean flare, and French antique red lips set off the trend. Watch out for the big bangs, rolled curls and waves engulfing the tresses and ruffles and lace on the fashion front.

M.A.C., the Idlewild movie, and Christina Aguilera are at the forefront of the trend. While we are not all equipped with all the embellishments of those eras (or the money to dream as if we were,) scope out the latest to make, what we like to call... your 2.) urban fantasy romance style! (For more info click here to learn about 30's fashion and here for up-to- date trends....)

Here's what you need to get the look!

(shirt, jeans and jacket- House of Dereon; fur coat-; shoes- Steve Madden; purse-; pear drop clip earrings and pink pearl ring- about $7 each.)

Here are some make up looks to complete the vibe!

Love the eyes.. nude lips or bold red lips.. this is yummy! Click the image to find out how to recreate the look!

Here's some help with getting the yummy red lips. Click the image.

The lush lash mod 60's look... click the image for some tips!

OK..... i hope you got what you needed... come back for more........ did this help you? give you new ideas? let me know. leave a comment below~ stay yummy!

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