Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day Madness!

Long weekend folks!
Yummy's back!

Okay so who is your favorite designer on Project Runway??
(Wednesdays on Bravo, 10pm EST)
Uli, Kayne... uh what's her name and 'em???  Or is it ATL's Michael Knight?? (If you really care click here to vote!) If you said Michael Knight like i did, then we are on the same page...straight (rodonline confirms it), fierce and can wrap my tail in some cloth anytime!

Hopefully, I can feature some of his designs to show his skills, but until then check out this site for some fab fashion talk about the show from some of our 'faaabulous friendses' @ rodonline and here for some more pics of this oh so yummy designer. Whatever you say, he's cute in his own way =)

MAC's VIVA GLAM VI is here!

Good choices for spokes models MAC! Eve (a fashion icon), Lisa Marie Presley, Debbie Harry, and Dita Von Teese.
If you have tried the colors, let me know how they rate! Yummy Watch: the Holiday collection! What's up with the Zandra Rhodes collection exclusively in certain stores.. who cares, nothing to write home about.

YUMMY products! Check out some yummy stuff from Clinique...
Colour Rub Allover LustreSheer, lightweight liquid creates a natural-looking glow. Used as blush or highlighter for the face.
Gel BlushSee-through gel colour for cheeks. Produces a natural-looking, sheer blush of colour.
Glow Crazy Loose PowderLimited Edition What to wear on the party circut this season? Something shimmery and sheer.

Our girl Eve Jihan Jeffries (Philly, b. 1978) is a diva in her own right. She's come up through the ranks and has made a name for herself apart from her stripper past, being a homemade explicit video star, and the woman behind producer Stevie J. She is a multi-platinum selling rapper, an actress starring in her own show on UPN Eve and The Barbershop movie series, and designer of her own fashion line Fetish. Stay yummy Eve!
Hey readers, I want to know what has inspired your style... Have you had any life experiences that have influenced your style? Who's your fashion/style icon? Let me hear what you have to say in the comment area below!

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