Thursday, September 14, 2006

Look out!

Be yummy about yourself inside and out! The Human Pampillomavirus is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause cancer. It is important to be tested and to monitor your health. The cancer can cause a variety of complications to your health as well as infertility. HPV happens to women of all ages. It's very necessary and easy to ask your doctor for the test. Now, the FDA has approved an HPV vaccine. You can get the vaccine if you don't have the virus. Inquire about the vaccine with your doctor as well! Tell everyone about it!

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hey Tear!

You can say what you want about Tyra Banks, but you know that she's got it going on! Her own reality tv series America's Next Top Model, production company, a talk show and supermodel as her middle name, she is doing big things and doing them right! She inspires and helps women all across the country. Get more inside information on this media superstar by visiting her website Get details on both the talk show and America's Next Top Model. As she nicely blogs each show, you feel like you are getting to know her-- quite likeable too! Find out all kinds of cool things about Tyra; her favorite things as well as her hobbies. The Yummy spot on her website is Tyra's Boutique. You get to view her outfits from each show and find out where she got each piece. Fab idea, right? No more reading the fast scrolling credits!

YUMMY'S favorite perfumes......

There's nothing better than grabbing a guy's attention....... by the way you smell. To have his nose following you, try these scents!

  1. Live! Luxe by Jennifer Lopez Dedicated to J-Lo's love of dancing, this scent has notes of pear, peach, amethyst freesia, muguet petals, diamond musk, and soft amber among others.
  2. With Love by Hilary Duff From the same makers of Britney Spear's perfumes, Elizabeth Arden, Duff has hit a high note in this scent with effervescent mangosteen, champagne, and an accord of textured cocobolo woods.
  3. Baby Phat Goddess Golden by Kimora Lee Simmons Simmons gives us a warm and sensuous scent, but keeps it clean. A floral gourmand scent by Firmenich with a top note of bubbling champagne; a heart of seringa, blue lilies and night orchid, and a drydown of caramel, vanilla flower patchouli and vetiver.

  4. Miss Dior Cherie by Dior Notes of mandarin, strawberry leaf, violet, jasmine, caramel popcorn, wild strawberry sorbet, musk, and patchouli is a wonderful fall scent (via Nowsmellthis)

  5. Bright Crystal by Versace Versace has launched Bright Crystal, a fragrance with pomegranate, iced accord, yuzu, magnolia, peony, lotus flowers, plant amber, acajou and musk.

  6. Bora Bora by Liz Claiborne Blend of: pink peppercon, sand accord and tropical mango musk. It is recommended for casual wear

Yummy took a browse through Gwen Stefani's website for her clothing line at, since there is a lot of hoopla about how her line is overall doing much better than Sean John. What a surprise! So of course, you have to get the review on her collection and line from yummy411. The website is fun, trendy and has that retro feel.... as if the same web designers that hail from Urban Outfitters has come to lend a hand. The selection is small like most of the celebrity lines (ahem, House of Dereon.) There is a page on the site that shows items featured in magazines from the lamb collection (the typical "as seen in" deal) that boasts shopping on the web. I saw a crazy hot jacket that I couldn't even find online! tisk tisk.... She's doing doing her thing, definitely, by creating a line for those of us that identify her by her sense of style... trendy, rock, edgy and boundless. Disappointingly, many of the items are track jackets, pants and canvas loafers (the rave of the summer,) but very cliche for Stefani's line. We really wanted the Japanese girls to help pump up the fashion. It is rumored that the truth behind her absence at the VMA's is because of the demand for her line to make it in Fashion Week. Her fans really must be obsessed for this stuff to go so far in the markets. Prices are for the casual LA and NYC shopper, but not for the practical mall rat. Yummy will skip and be a Sean John fan. (Puff, what's up with your ladies' line?)

(yes this is a woman's shoe!)

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