Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New and Improved?

GAP, Inc.

If you can't get enough of Banana Republic or are tired of sharing it with guys, GAP, Inc. is coming out with more of it's new store Forth & Towne- a direct competitor of Anne Taylor. The store made its debut in 2005 in Chicago and New York and was expected not to do so well. In their second year of business, Gap, Inc. is opening up five more locations in Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle markets. You haven't gotten the word on Forth & Towne? In the center of every store is a circular fitting room and complementary bottled water is available. They have four different collections and fits sizes 2-20.. not leaving out the big girls =) With a brand that you can count on for style and quality, Forth and Towne isn't a let down. The collections definitely boasts some keeper items. Unfortunately, they've come up with another name with a bad acronym...F.A.T. just as GAP (amongst 13 year olds stands for Gay and Proud.)

(Adrian Wilson of the Rockwell Group)

Check out these sites for more info on the locations, clothing collections and other's opinions:

On keeping up with M.A.C.

They have put on their official site the link to an online make up shopping venue- Why waste your time shopping at for mac (or any product for that matter) when you could just go to MAC's website? The newly endorsed website doesn't give any special looks at items like yours truly does, but simply gives a direct link BACK to MAC, that was a lame attempt to get customers for both you and

Since i unsuccessfully elicited comments from you guys to build this next blog entry.. you get more directly from yummy411...

Favorites for fall

My favorite colors for fall are: chocolate and purple in the deepest of shades in all materials and patterns..... suede, wool, pinstripes, polka dots, patent leather, croccodile (faux for animal lovers/thrifty on the pockets) and much more (Gray was a runner up, but only in the trendiest of fabrics.) On the accessory front: pearls- the timeless classic; and animal prints are roaring again!

(shoe, trench coat and bracelet-; dress- shown in black comes in a beautiful plum,


Hollywood Homegirl JDiva said...

hey! where do you get the cheek stain from and whatabout those woman boots and oh yea where can i find that storeyou featured? holla back...

yummy411 said...

hey hollywood homegirl! the cheek stain in my tarte and can be found at most sephoras or the lady is wearing unspecified boots. she's a bebe model, so more than likely has something comparable on their site. forthe and town is in a few major cities like new york and chicago. thanks for writing in!