Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Work Out Essentials with Adidas for Women Body Spray

Work Out Essentials

Work Out Essentials by yummy411 featuring Adidas Women's Body Spray

Are  you getting in those workouts, getting Summer ready? I have a lot more to accomplish that will take much longer than the arrival of Summer.  I'm making more efforts to get moving and get more active. In my quest, I've come up with a few things that are must haves for me : good sneakers, great sports bra, water bottle, comfy pants and an activity monitor.  

There was one other worry I had. Strange smells...ODOR. Jumping into a workout right after a long day of work, I was worried about smelling like a gym sock! Once I tried perfume...much too fragrant and the warmth from my body intensified the smell.  That was terrible!  Adidas Women's Body Spray is great and fits the bill.  It's a mist spray that smells light and refreshing.  A squirt or two under my shirt and I felt refreshed and confident about getting worked up with sweat.  The Adidas Body Spray has been added to my must have list!  I like to keep this handy for gym workouts, but it can be worn anytime for a light fragrance.

Click the image to find more information on the products including the Adidas Woman's Body Spray. There are two additional fragrances offered.   The sprays retail for less than $5 at mass retailer near you.

*PR sample provided


Audrey Brewer said...

Gym perfume -- who'd have thought! It's a great idea though, if it's light and airy. Cool post!!

Tanya said...

I like the outfit!

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Wow! These are perfect for my morning workout. I'll buy this for sure.

Jary Jongeling said...

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