Tuesday, February 04, 2014

My La Femme Blush Palette Swatches

 Swatches on NC45 skin (no flash), NC55 skin (flash), NC45 skin (flash)

After rereading my last post as a blog reader, I thought 'what good is waxing poetic about the product if you can't see swatches for yourself?

Here are swatches in the same order as shown in the palette in my previous post:  (Click here to see the post and read a mini review on the blushes.)

Left Row-
Soft Beige- matte, warm brown-- on my skin tone it's a decent contour color
Flamingo Pink- matte, barbie pink-- bright, clean pink-- as you can see it's not great with flash on darker skin tones!

Mulberry-pink fuchsia
Purple Passion- matte, magenta love!
Grape- matte, reddened purple- definitely not what I expected from grape. I was thinking a pure bluer based purple

Right Row-
Naturelle-matte,  light tan. orangey shade, not for everyone
Golden Rose- shimmer, hot pink shade laced with gold shimmers
Terracotta- shimmer, terra cotta,orange and less red than sunkissed dawn, laced with gold shimmers
Sunkissed Dawn-reddish orange laced with gold shimmer
Golden Sunset- shimmer, deep orangey red laced with gold shimmer

These colors are so pigmented, they aren't  quite fool proof.  Be careful to blend!


Cmichellestyles said...

Wow they all look soooo pigmented!
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Awesome! I really want to get my hands on some of the lighter, more natural shades. They look great.

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