Friday, August 02, 2013

Summer Skin Guide, Love Palettes? Check this out!

This guide to summer skin can take you from hot mess to success from start to finish

Summer Skin Guide Series
This is a Body article
You totally planned to start that detox diet, fitness regimen, and skin care routine overhaul months before an important event (whether it's a wedding, reunion, first day on the job, or accidental-on-purpose ex sighting), but your best intentions fell by the wayside. The fact remains: The big day is looming, and your skin is nowhere near picture-perfect. Whether you have two months or two days, these tips will get your skin on track for your best showing ever.

This should help you close the zipper of your overstuffed makeup bag: 1 Palette, 2 Special Occasion Looks

Take the Palette Challenge
This is a Makeup article
Special occasions usually call for at least a two-hour block of time to get ready, not to mention an arsenal of products at your command. When you want glam lips, smoky eyes, and a flawless face, the makeup bag becomes more like a makeup duffel. Does it have to be that way? We challenged two staff members to create special occasion looks with just one palette and a few other makeup essentials. Read on to see their results.

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