Friday, November 02, 2012

Essence of Beauty Premium Blender Brush

I loved my Sephora makeup sponge, similar to the  Beauty Blender sponge,  so I was immediately drawn to this Essence of Beauty Premium Blender Brush when I saw it in CVS!  A beauty blender sponge on a stick?  I'll take it, but it was a bit awkward that this  beauty tool reminded  me of this.  Imagine how awkward I felt when the sales associate in Brookestone told me what it was  -___-

This blender sponge retails for $7.99 at CVS.  Reasonable, but I need a coupon or discount at least :p


amija said...

There's a hair blogger who bought that for a head massager. I thought it looked like a "personal" messager but I didn't say anything for fear of looking like a pervert! LOL

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

I have never used Sephora sponges. They look nice to try.
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yummy411 said...

@ amija: bwaahahhaha! well Brookstone's description is ambiguous, but I promise.. the small massagers they were selling, old boy in the store was really trying to "sell" them to me.. ugh so um, yeh lol

@ girlie blogger: hi there! have you tried the beauty blender?