Tuesday, November 13, 2012

BRANDY! Two Eleven Listening Party and Concert FOTD

Brandy Norwood is back with her 6th album, entitled Two Eleven (her birthday and the day that Whitney Houston died.)  It was released on October 16th with 17 tracks (an intro and outro are included.)  The album has a mix of her traditional R&B sound and some futuristic funk by way of Bangladesh and Sean Garrett.  Read along and indulge in my fan life of Brandy.  I will go thru an e-listening party of Two Eleven and after, I'll show you my FOTD that I wore to her concert.

I pre-ordered the Deluxe edition CD on iTunes for it's 10-16-12 release.  I've been listening to it non stop on my iPod ever since.  Pull out the CD if you have it and let's go track by track on what I think of the album, what my favorite tracks are and what I least liked. You can leave your thoughts on the album, etc in the comments.
1. "Intro"
I love her intros, outros, interludes... it gives a bit of life to the album.  This intro is no exception with a hard beat getting us ready for the what's in store on the album.

 2. "Wildest Dreams" 
This was released as her second single.  While I think another track could have been chosen as the second single, the lyrics are super sweet as she dedicates some of the words to her new beau (See the credits on her deluxe version of Two Eleven.)  Never in her wildest dreams did she think someone could care about her.

3. "So Sick" 
Definitely one of my favorites.  An intoxicating beat gives bass and drama to a situation all too familiar.  Brandy talks about being love sick over someone who isn't worth the heartache. 

4. "Slower" 
Even after listening to this album numerous times, I didn't realize there was a track called Slower ;( Making love slower? I don't know.  I don't really listen to this track.

5. "No Such Thing As Too Late"
This is one of the traditional R&B cuts that I like on a night that I want to hear slow jams.  There's no such thing as too late when you are waiting on love.

 6. "Let Me Go"
I've become a sucker for the hard beats and tempo changes on this album. With a sample of "Tonight" (Lykke Li),  Brandy has another dance hit and another song marked as a favorite by me!  Baby, don't let me go.

 7. "Without You
This is my number 1 favorite on the album.  Without You is another R&B hit, awesome beat, but Brandy really sings on this one.  If I'm not listening to the album, I'm listening to this one song on repeat.  She sings from the heart on how she feels about life without her lover.
8. "Put It Down" feat. Chris Brown 
This was Brandy's first single from the album.  Chris Brown is featured and was one of the writers for this song.   Most of you have heard it, but it's a fun song where she talks about a guy doing what it takes to win her heart, not just looking the part.  The video is equally as fun  with C Breezy doing his thing, shirtless and tatted.
9. "Hardly Breathing"
Brandy stays true to her R&B roots on this track.  It is reminiscent of her Human tracks.  She mentions her mom again on this song.. I love Sonya, but she's ruled Brandy with an iron fist...In this song she's weary about a lover and wants him out of her life. She's hurt and hardly breathing.
 10. "Do You Know What You Have?" 
Like Slower, this is another red light special.  While she's basically asking her lover, does he know what he has in her, the tempo and melody suggests it's candle light music or head to the bedroom kinda music.

11. "Scared of Beautiful
Ahhh of all the R&B songs on this album, this one just hits the heart.  It wasn't a number one favorite until I heard her sing it live with so much conviction and emotion, it was hard not to see her side of the story.  In this song she's vulnerable and open, but many of us can relate to not believing that we are beautful or great at some point.  She shares this with us and Frank Ocean helps her to keep it real, tender and open.  I love it and reminds me why I love her so much. This would be my #2 song on the album. Seriously, hearing it live is another experience. 
Eeks... to be completely honest, the next few songs didn't move me much so I don't have a lot of thoughts about them.  I don't listen to them that much :(
12. "Wish Your Love Away" 
 13. "Paint This House" 
Another R&B, take it to the bedroom jam 
14. "Can You Hear Me Now?"
Nice song that I think I can hear being featured on The Game soon ;)
 15. "Music" 
16. "What You Need" 
This song is the best part of having the deluxe version of the album.  This is definitely one of my favorite songs.  Strictly for lovers, this song like So Sick mixes R&B melodies with tempo changes and heavy beats. I love it! Brandy isn't afraid to get sexy for us on the album.
18. "Outro"
The outro takes us out as we came in with a dope beat. Brandy gave us a mix of her style while taking risks.  This album was definitely a solid effort that took us back to the Brandy we all know and love.

 I'm really excited for Brandy and very proud of her and her work on this album.  I feel like I grew up with her: Thea, her music, Moesha, all of the reality shows when she was pregnant with Sy'rai to Dancing with the Stars, from love lost to love gained.  I'm still a fan 100%.  While the album Human got lost in the shuffle it was still a solid effort that she should be proud of.  Die hard fans know what it offered.  This album doesn't quite compare as Brandy is taking  a lot more risks, but is still true to her.  I love the album!

Now on to the concert and fotd!

I got to the venue and checked in on Yelp and .......................... my phone flatlined.  -__-

While I don't have blurry, flash flooded and/or dark pics of Brandy in concert dancing with her backup dancers, I can tell you she put on a great show!  I didn't feel that because I was in a smaller venue, she compromised her performance.  She gave us full out songs that she sang from the heart, she danced and worked the stage and she did a fab Whitney tribute set. This was an item off my bucket list that I didn't know existed!  I'm such a fan.  Truly excited that I was able to experience her live.  I was able to rock out the entire time. 

The look I wore was totally inspired by MAC's Glamour Daze collection promo picture.  White liner on the lower inner rim and light baby pink lipstick.  The white liner for a graphic liner look is nothing new,but it was fun to try again!

Maybelline Color Tattoo Bad to the Bronze
MAC Cork shadow
MAC Legendary shadow
Revlon Color Stay liquid liner
MAC Fascinating eye kohl
Maybelline Mega Plush mascara

Mehron CelebreHD Pro  cream makeup in medium 3 (as concealer)
MAC Accentuate powder to set concealer and highlight
CoverGirl Queen Lasting Matte powder in Light Golden
 MAC Copper Beech contour cream
MAC Small Vanity Blush

MAC Beauty lipstick
 Are you a Brandy fan? What do you think of her new album?


Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

I think scared of beautiful & without you are my faves on the album :) i never heard human but i really liked the one before this one, i think it was afrodesiac/aphrodisiac? Brandy did her thing with this album and so did you with this post! I always like hearing/reading what new music ppl are listening to. thanks for sharing! Oh and that fotd is FIERCE! Love the hair as well! WERRRRQQQ

yummy411 said...

JOANNE!!! She did both at her concert out of all the songs.. i was almost in tears!!! thanks girl, this is my first post like this, but when i'm on something hard... i want to discuss, discuss! i'm no musician or anything to give the most descriptive summation of what the song offers, but heck! i tried, LOL!! thank you so much for the compliments on my hair and makeup ;D i actually had to turn a day look into night, because my day was running long so that's what i ended up with!

CorporateBeauty said...

I haven't heard the album, to be honest I haven't been much of a fan since 'never say never'
I might have to give it a listen now.

your makeup was very pretty! you pull the white liner off very well. I tried it before but it makes my eyes look too big, LOL!

yummy411 said...

@ corporate beauty: thank you! :D