Tuesday, October 02, 2012

MAC Young Rapunxel Review

(MAC Young Rapunxel with Nightmoth liner)

Fashion Night Out 2012 gave us lots of offerings.  MAC gave us Young Rapunxel lipstick, a limited edition, smokey purple promoted by newcomer rapper, Azealia Banks.  The dark lip is on trend for Fall (again).

Strictly a collector's purchase, I ordered with reservation.  I've tried the dark lip look.   Most dark lip colors look, well,  just dark on me.

Was this color worth adding to my collection?

I saw swatches online that I wasn't as impressed with, but I'm always hopeful that MAC's new lipsticks will take on their awesome new matte formula.  (It's a matte formula that is stiff without being drying and cakey.)  Young Rapunxel is an amplified cream, another formula I'm fond of, but this isn't the creamy, opaque amplified cream I'm used to.  It was more sheer with slip; not my cup of tea especially with a dark color.  I already own a dark, vamp color with application issues.  This was not worth adding to my collection.

Disappointed.  Besides, you see a nice, rich, purple color on me because of the yellow flash used to take the picture. It appears to be a generic dark lipstick in person. If you missed out on this color or have skipper's remorse, don't be too upset.  MAC's liner in Nightmoth is a dead ringer for the shade.  There are also numerous shades that are dupes of the color..a simple Google search will show proof.  I wish the tube would at least have had Azealia's signature or a special FNO 2012 packaging.  That would have been cool!

Did you buy this color?  Do you love it?


La said...

You know what? After reading your review I'm glad I skipped out on this lippie. At first I was mad that I missed it, now... Not so much. I'm going to google the lipstick and see if there are any dupes! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

~Donna Shae

Anonymous said...

Most times some online swatches don't do a product justice. However, I was not interested in this lipstick. I was all hip on getting the MAC Marilyn and was not able to get my hands on the Deeply Adored :(

Anonymous said...

Btw you wear it extremely well. Love how it looks on you!

Turtle1920 said...

It looks great on you, I didn't buy it since I saw all the dupes for it and just purchased those instead.

Spontaneous Beauty said...

Thanks for the review. I totally forgot to order this lipstick but after your review I'm glad I didn't. The color looks great on you though!


Beauty sentinel said...

The color looks good on you Kia! I've been wanting to add some darker lippies to my stash. I think this may be one of them.