Monday, October 29, 2012

Chrisette Michele:Promo Image for new single Charades f. 2 Chainz

I love Chrisette.  She def gained more respect and love from me when she connected with readers and Patrice herself via comments on  She's so bad ass! I love when she does her promo images. They are so inspiring.  With spiked hair, a pompador, or a long weave--she's adorable, but this funky, dyed, natural.. I'm digging it and loving it best.  The shades and lipstick are just as amazing.

Her new single, Charades f. 2 Chainz is available for a listen on I'm inclined to agree with author Danielle on on her review of the single and her opinion on the 2 Chainz feature.  I love some 2 Chainz, but he does nothing for the song, just like the opening verse on Justin Bieber's Girlfriend.  Maybe 2 Chainz should stick to being featured on rap songs.

I leave you with one of my favorite Chrisette moments, natural hair and all-- she performs with DC's all girl go go band, Be'la Dona.  If she ever does this again, I'm sooo there!


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love her look and her music.

La said...

Hey, hey! I've been missing your blog posts! I LOVE Chrisette! And I agree, while all of her looks are absolutely fabulous --this one right here is dopeness! I LOVE her hair, the lipstick, the shades... Everything!

Thanks for sharing!

Beauty sentinel said...

Love love love Chrisette Michele! That pic of her in the shades, rocking red lips is fierce! Wish I could rock short hair, and look that good.

yummy411 said...

@ jojo: me too!

@ la: awww thanks! hopefully, i'll get back into the swing of things. no problem!

@ beauty sentinel: i'm sure you do! ;)