Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Hey family! My Summer is going pretty well, especially now that I have a computer again! *applause* I hope Summer is treating you well also!  I can now blog normally and tell you guys about what's going on in my cosmetic and beauty adventures.  I hope you've been following along with some of my shenanigans via Twitter and Instagram :D

One of my first posts on Instagram was a pic of my Balm Stain purchase.  I picked up two.  With the love I had for the lip butters, I was sure that the Balm Stains were going to be pretty lipstick friends.

Did they exceed expectations or disappoint??  I tried them out, the colors weren't too bad-- a light lilac and a peachy nude.  The feel and texture of the lip products were decent. The stain from the colors I had weren't too deep or dark, but reasonable.  However, I was left unimpressed. This is a balm stain, so you wear the balm then a stain is left behind.  I wasn't crazy about the balm-- it's a bit creamy.  The stain left behind from both colors I got were very similar on my natural lip color. I wanted the stains to be different colors. No bueno.  While these work for plenty of people, I have way too many lip products to not be in love with these. I returned them.  For just two at regular price, I was able to pay for a basket of toiletries with a few bucks being returned to me.  Good.

I imagine that one day I'll find a stain that can be topped with a glossy topcoat for an innocent juicy, popsicle lip look.  This product comes closer than any other lip stain I've tried.  

Have you tried these?  What do you think of them?


Tammy said...

I love these, but the lighter colors just plain suck. I highly recommend Smitten. btw - they're on sale for 40% off this week at Rite Aid. =)

yummy411 said...

ahhh so it's the plain colors. .. thanks!!

Quiana said...

I absolutely love these!!