Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lime Crime Chinchilla Lipstick

Well, well... I copped a fab lippie at The Makeup Show back in May: Lime Crime's Chinchilla (regular retail $16). If you follow me on Instagram or saw any of my Twitter coverage of The Makeup Show, then you already saw this.  Sorry. LOL.

I wanted to share this lipstick here.   Lime Crime Controversy 2010 aside, (I wasn't even sure of the full deets until writing this review), I wanted this product for its uniqueness -- hello unicorns and purple packaging!--and quirky colors.  When I heard about Chinchilla, I expected a concrete gray lippie.  I tried it on and saw that it was tinged with purple/lavender and a bit more wearable than I expected... and I love it! (This lipstick tends to photograph this color, but is a bit darker in person.)

The formula is creamy enough to spread easily, but stiff enough to last on the lips.  I don't use a liner when wearing this because I can pull of the color alone with no bleeding at the lip line!  This is one of my favorite lipsticks, when I was a different lip color/ statement lip, without  the shock value.

I have Cosmopop as well, but I haven't worn that yet.  I'm thinking about it ;)

Do you own any Lime Crime lipsticks? Which is your favorite color?


1xellus1 said...

Beautiful pic!

La said...

I swear you can do no wrong!!! This is amazing!