Monday, May 07, 2012

Nars Sin vs Black Radiance Plum Sorbet... Dupes? Pictures and Swatches

Hi guys!!
I'm loving the Black Radiance Artisan Color Baked blushes.  I wasn't sure what Plum Sorbet had in store, but once I swatched it I was reminded of another blush I own, Nars Sin.  I set out to compare them.  In the skin swatch (top photo) Nars is on the left and Black Radiance is on the right. Nars is a bit more rosey with a golden sheen while Plum Sorbet is a hint more true plum.  On my medium- NC43 (NC42 and 44 mixed, lol) skin, the two look very similar. that I can't tell them apart when wearing them blended like normal blush.  Heavier swatches may reveal their differences, but I won't wear them that way.  For all intents and purposes, they are dupes in my book.  Try them on your skin and tell me what you think!

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socialitedreams said...

i really like black radiance products, they have a really holy grail liquid i'm excited to try their blush! this is promising