Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lipstick Madness! Bold, bright lipstick swatches and thoughts

Whew! Do you all watch A&E's Intervention?  Yeh... I love that show.  I need a box of tissues to watch.

Sorry I've been away a while.   It's that time of year where my favorite Pisces celebrate their bdays.  In the midst of it all, I lost my aunt to cancer.  (Talk about an emotional roller coaster.) Quite tragic to watch some one's life slip away.  I knew she was losing her battle to cancer, but I didn't grasp that that was what dying looked like until I reflected back, watched scenes of people dying in movies and tried to gather information on planning a funeral, dealing with the dying, etc.  It's catch 22.  If I knew, I would have been more sensitive, I think.  Since, I didn't fully wrap my head around it while I was with her, I was a bit stronger.  It hurts, but I accept that we are mortals.  I was her name sake.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...   One thing that brought a bit of sunshine my way was bright lipsticks.  There was no shortage of them!  MAC, Wet N Wild and Maybelline all brought the madness.  Of course, MAC has been releasing collections left and right *sigh* 

Here's a round-up of lippies that I've been wanting to cover, but the moment I'm loving one lipstick, here comes another.  My goal is to eventually have fotd's or at least lip swatches with these lipsticks.
Top to bottom:
1. Naughty Saute (MAC Shop Cook)
2. Innocence, Beware! (MAC Shop Cook, repromote)
3.Quick Sizzle (MAC Shop Cook)
4. Watch Me Simmer (MAC Shop Cook)
5. Flamingo (MAC Iris Apfel)
6. Party Parrot (MAC Iris Apfel)
7. Lady Danger (MAC, permanent)
8. Scarlet Ibis (MAC Iris Apfel)
9. Pink Pigeon (MAC Iris Apfel)
10. Fuchsia Fever (Maybelline)
11. Dollhouse Pink (Wet N Wild)
12. Purty Persimmon (Wet N Wild)
13. Cherry Picking (Wet N Wild)
*14. Smoked Purple (MAC Make Me Over)
*Threw this in for GP... another unused lipstick
**Darn!  I forgot Viva Glam Nicki!  I guess she will get her own post!

Let's take a closer look at the colors and my thoughts on them!

1. Naughty Saute (MAC Shop Cook) MAC says this is a bright pepto pink.  It is, but in a positive way. Bad would be bright in a pastel pink kind of way.  This bright starts to lean the slightest bit neon.  I was skeptical about this because of color and cremesheen formula, but so glad I got it!  I love this pink and the cremesheen formula on this isn't as slippery as I anticipated. I can wear this creame formula without a liner and it stays put.  I am self conscious about my teeth in this particular pink though =(

2. Innocence, Beware! (MAC Shop Cook, repromote)  We already saw this from the MAC Venemous Villians collection.  I passed it up then.   I bought it this time strictly because I've been impressed with MAC lippies since Iris Apfel. MAC says this is a light yellow pink.  On me, it's a nice pinky nude.  I could have lived without this one, but it's not like my other nudes.

3.Quick Sizzle (MAC Shop Cook)  I thought this was the highly anticipated lipstick because people thought this would replace the highly sought after Pink Pigeon from Iris Apfel.  Once I tried this, this is much deeper with a hint of berry in it and more velvet than Pink Pigeon.  The recent mattes formulas from MAC are love!  So this is definitely a winner.

4. Watch Me Simmer (MAC Shop Cook) Gorg... sorry I can't recall more details from when I tried it on.

5. Flamingo (MAC Iris Apfel) For me this is a pastel coral.  I love the lustre formula on this! It's more opaque than you would expect, but it's light enough for a great Spring/Summer feel.

6. Party Parrot (MAC Iris Apfel) It's not hot pink, it's not hot orange or red... it's a hot, bold coral shade that's amazing!  Definitely a winner.  It looked spectacular on the MAC mua!  Missed out on it? OCC Trollop I believe is close.  You will get an amazing color, but you will sadly miss out on the formula.

7. Lady Danger (MAC, permanent) MAC says this is a vivid coral-red.  That's an interesting description, but yes it is a vivid orange red.  This is a unique show stopping lipstick recognizable anywhere.  The formula makes it that much better.

8. Scarlet Ibis (MAC Iris Apfel) exactly like Lady Danger in the swatch. I think this has a tinge more red. I'll compare on lips.  Sometimes the formula brings out different tones.

9. Pink Pigeon (MAC Iris Apfel) Pink Pigeon is not a dupe of the highly coveted MAC Candy Yum Yum (Darn, I wish I had swatched  them side by side.) It's darker than Candy Yum Yum, but it's a hot, bold and loud pink.

10. Fuchsia Fever (Maybelline) Fab offering from the drugstore to cure any bold pink lemmings.  This one is a more yellow pink and can stand up to any hot pink.  The formula is nice and creamy. 

11. Dollhouse Pink (Wet N Wild)  This pink is a bright, pastel, pepto pink.  Almost the bad version of Naughty Saute.  Absolute matte formula, be careful with this one.  If you can pull it off, great for you!  Still glad I have it though.  Don't hunt this down if you have St. Germain or  Melrose Mood from MAC.

12. Purty Persimmon (Wet N Wild)  It's the poor girl's Lady Danger.... sorta.  This is deeper, redder, not as in your face or noticeable as Lady Danger. Women wearing Lady Danger, is a mad woman with a microphone in a room full of people.  Purty Persimmon is a women in a body hugging red dress in a room full of people.

13. Cherry Picking (Wet N Wild)  Red  with a tinge of deep pink. Pretty.  Good bold color on  budget.

*14. Smoked Purple (MAC Make Me Over) Dark, vampy, eggplant purple, matte finish.

So there you have it. My latest and greatest.  I'll give Viva Glam Nicki her own post (even if you have seen 101 posts on it.  It's gorgeous!).  Do you have a favorite bright/bold lippie that you are loving right now?


EbonyYoungin said...

My condolence. I hope you remain strong and steadfast.

Spring colors are always mood uplifter and many of these houses didnt fail.

Boho Vanity said...

i love all those colors, i swear! we have such similar taste in lip products, thanks for showing a bunch i've never seen- really awesome xx
my blog: boho vanity

Girlie Blogger said...

I like Innocent, Beware. It's really soft and pretty. Seattle Beauty and Fashion - Girlie Blog Seattle

Cocolicouss said...

Love this post I was actually thinking about writing one about bold lipsticks because it's seem to the be the in thing :) thanks for sharinf your thoughts on some beautiful colors

yummy411 said...

@ ebony youngin: thanks hon! they are all lovely that i can't even pick a favorite!

@ boho vanity: thanks! no prob!

@ girlie blogger: yes, love innocence. beware!

@ cocolicious: no problem! i'd love to see your round up of favorite bright lippies!

mineral lipstick said...

I have picked up the peachy orange shades for this summer spring...I am sure they suit me and I love them.But this is serious help showing all the shades here.