Thursday, February 16, 2012

Black history through a magazine editorial

The magazine editorial is titled "...Than a Brown Paper Bag."  If you are African American you may know what this means.  The "paper bag test" within the African American community is a symbol of racism within race.  At one time, people had to check their skin color at the door to gain entrance in a certain parties or organizations.  Only if you were the color of or lighter "than a brown paper bag" were you admitted.  This practice left its mark on African American cultural and lingers in modern times.  Check out Wikipedia's reference here.

For more information on this editorial and my latest work with amazing photographer Leonard Poteat, check out his blog The Close Up.  When we work together we make magic!

While you guys are at it, check out this post  that shows some more work that I'm pretty proud of!


Reena said...

Oh wow... I can't believe that people even do this! SMH... It's so sad to know that people are subjected to this kind of prejudice.

yummy411 said...

@ reena: thanks for your comment!