Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Survey

What's on my nails this week?  OPI Sweetheart layered with Salley Hansen Glass Slipper... working hard to funk up neutrals.  I was hoping this combination would remind me of my glitter acrylic days.
Mani I want to try: The New French... it's not new, but ya know.. Btw, I LOVE SOPHY ROBSON!!!
Product I'm trying (for review)? Revlon PhotoReady Mousse foundation
What I'm super excited about this week?  MAC's Iris Apfel collection, the lipsticks!
Lust items: Estee Lauder's Pure Color Illuminating Powder, MAC Spring Trends lip palette  and Zumba for Xbox Kinect, hehe.
Fragrance: Burberry Brit Sheer (trying to shop and use my stash)
What I'm wearing on my toes: OPI A Ruby for Rudolph... finally trying a red and I'm not sure I'm really feeling it.
What I'm feeling right now/Looking forward to/Inspires me: color blocks of neutrals, pastels and neons... yup, all together.

What's going on with you this week?  What do you have lined up for the weekend?


KrySTYLES said...

Very cute nails :) I love Adding something sparkly to neutral polishes. I'm looking forward to your review for the photo ready mousse foundation! Btw, how's the NYC bronzer going for you? Hopefully It works for u too!

Girlie Blogger said...

I'm very interested in REVLON photo ready.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. I will be looking forward to it :)
I'm a huge fan of French tips so I look forward to that as well :(

yummy411 said...

@ krystyles: thanks mama! a review is coming for the foundation! the bronzer i tried once so far and i like it. i have to move it to my makeup bag so i can get use out of it and really get an idea of what i think about it.

@ girlie blogger: coming right up!

@ jojo: thanks! don't count on me for the french. i always try to beg my nail tech to do stuff, but they don't like to. knowing me, if i try, i'll get frustrated by the third finger and throw in the towel.. haha! i'm trying to make it happen though!

Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

well, this weekend i plan on staying in and studying and in between watch a few of my fave shows on rerun. i feel you on the color blocking tip! i love the way it comes out when done right! :)

yummy411 said...

i hope you get a lot of studying done, joanne!