Friday, January 20, 2012

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Coffee Cake Product Review and Swatches

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush is a lightweight powder that melts into a cream according to Maybelline.   When I tried this I didn't think it was a powder at all.  It feels like a hardened, dense mousse.  Once applied, it doesn't settle down as an emollient cream, but a cross between a cream and silky refined powder.

Sorry that the blush doesn't look picture perfect.  I had to try this blush instantly when I bought it. Often times, picture taking comes second, lol.    I don't mind that you see the blush in this messy state.  In fact, it's important that you see this side of the product.    The name of the blush will lead you to believe that once you touch it, it will bounce back into its dome shape.  Not so much.   It moves around like play dough.  It doesn't keep neatly in its pot. 
The blush is not super pigmented, at least in this color 60 Coffee Cake.  This quality has its pros and cons.  Pro? It makes it a fool proof product so that you don't over apply and look like a clown.  Con? You may have to swipe a few times to build up the intensity that you desire.  More swipes, more pushing on the product. I wish the blush could bounce back into the dome shape.

Swipe on the finger.  
I was hoping the picture would show you that I didn't pick up a lot of product on this finger after one full swipe.

Left, one swipe; right, heavy swatch

Coffee Cake is a neutral, tan, peachy/rosey brown.

Overall, the product behavior in the pan didn't turn me away from this product.  I love this blush!  Lately, I've been doing the less is more look and this falls right into the scheme of things.   I nice little glow on my cheeks, not an oily glow, but a polished makeup glow.  This product also has the teensiest bit of shimmer, but barely noticeable.

Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush, $7-8

Do you have one of these blushes?  Which is your favorite color?


Girlie Blogger said...

Interesting puddy texture. I want to try it too.

yummy411 said...

can't wait to hear what you think of these blushes!

BlaqVixenBeauty said...

Wow, I saw a whole display of these at RiteAid yesterday and I was so tempted to buy one. But I hate how it looks! I don't know...might try it, might not. Thanks for the review Kia!

Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

i don't have any....YET! lol this color looks nice might be a bit too light for me though. i've heard great things about the other colors, but i really don't need another blush. lol

B said...

I LOVE the way these looks but yeah, they are just so weird. It took me forever to figure out what kind of brush to use. I ended up with a skunk brush but didn't last long. And mine looks all deflated too. Oh boo.

Celebrity said...
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Boho Vanity said...

These blushes are so sheer but leave that beautiful glow :)

Boston Red Lox said...

Thanks for reviewing it. It looks interesting. The "Coffee Cake" shade looks brown in your picture, but if it's a rosy brown shade like you said it is, then that's the shade I want to try.

yummy411 said...

@ blaq vixen beauty: if you try it, i hope you like it!

@ joanee: i'm pretty fond of this because i've been doing a barely there makeup looks lately and this fits the bill. i love the day glow flush i get from this blush. if you want more from a blush, you can skip this one.

@ B: i like the application with my fingers, but would prefer a brush. i wanted my blush to bounce back =( lol

@ boho vanity: i agree!

@ boston red lox: well... i think it will depend on your coloring. if you are lighter than me, it may show more brown. on me, (nc42-44 in mac speak) it shows a rosey/peachy cheek.

janel said...

i keep looking at these debating... :>) like i need any more product! how do you think this would apply with a sponge--color a little denser perhaps?

michelle said...

Too bad can't buy it in Holland.
Makes me sad because im dying to try one.
Also in Germany there are none.

Nice color!
Love it :)

Dominique Garcia said...

I'm so glad I found your post! I just bought the Coffee Cake blush on sale on Target but wasn't sure with my skin tone (about NC40 in MAC talk lol) if it would show up nicely. Now I can't wait to try it out!!