Friday, January 20, 2012

11 Best Buys at Sephora Right Now!

We asked women walking out of our local Sephora to give us a peek inside their pretty black and white bags. See what's worth splurging on

11 Best Buys at Sephora Right Now
This is a makeup article
There's nothing that gets us as giddy as a little girl on Christmas Day than spending an afternoon at Sephora. Their shelves are lined with new shadows, perfumes, and the latest products promising to make us look absolutely, positively amazing. But what's the stuff that's really worth the spendy price tag? We stalked Sephora customers to find out.

Ladies! I had a dull aching pain in my shoulder for a while, until I went to the gym -- I stretched and worked it out and now there's no more pain!!! I'm definitely going to try these stretches!!
Chained to your desk and have all kinds of knots in your shoulders and back to prove it? These morning stretches will help

7 Stretches to Ease Your Aches and Pains
This is a workouts for women article
Got a crick in your neck that won't go away? These 7 stretches can assuage your pain and ease your body into recovery. And best of all, they require nothing but you, the floor, and 10 minutes.

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