Thursday, December 01, 2011

Milani Purple Gleam and Gold and Black Glam

Just wanted to share a couple things because it's been a minute... If you follow my blog via Facebook, you probably have heard about and seen some of this stuff!

First let me show you my favorite purple, sparkly polish right now.... Milani Purple Gleam.  PG is the jewel purple tone from the one coat glitter formula of polishes.  It took a bit more than one coat to get an even  application, but it's ok.  (This design was based with OPI's Midnight in Moscow.) The dense glitter makes me happy when the sun or candle/moonlight hits my nails!  I'm always on the hunt for an awesome purple glitter and I've found a few... I've been meaning to do a post on that very subject!  This particular glitter brightened my day since Revlon's Facets of Fuchsia didn't strike my fancy much back when I tried it.  It was very murky as the glitters were swamped in the black base. Instead of having ruby slippers to click, I feel like I have amethyst tips to ... idk, stare at!

Next, I have an FOTD I did when I was going out that I liked alot.  Wish I had recorded a tutorial video to go along with it. By the way,  how are you guys liking the youtube channel?  Are the vids helpful?  Enhance the blog?  Let me know!  Anyhoo...  I was excited about going out because it was part of my plan to 'See and be seen'.  You can't meet people and have fun if you don't go out, right? Meh...

(Remember my Nneka Saran purse I got a while back? It's my first time wearing it ...0_o)

My colors of the night were black and gold.  For an easy 'glam-night-out' look I pulled out the trusty old Guilt By Association mineralize eyeshadow by MAC that I mentioned in the October Favorites Vid.  My other favorite product that I should mention is my L.A. Splash glitter liner in Gold.  Love it!  Some times you need a little sparkle to set off a look and the glitter liner was to the rescue!  I use it in my inner corner, bottom lash line and on my lips!  Chunky glitter .... I'm all over it!  Fragrance: Gucci Guilty.. it was the black and gold packaging! LOL Nice fragrance, overall.

=( I will start doing my foundation first, lol

Here's a similar outfit to the one I wore that night:

gold and black

Rachel Gilbert mini cocktail dress, $640
Emilio Pucci blazer, $915
Promiscuous pantyhose tight, $32
Supertrash platform booties, €250
Citrine By The Stones gold citrine ring, €77
ASOS metal jewelry, $18
Givenchy enamel earrings, $45
Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Trio, $40

Now I'm all excited and want to Polyvore some New Year's outfits!!


KrySTYLES said...

Love the nails and I always love your fotds! Btw thank u for your comment and keeping me in your prayers Hun!

Anonymous said...

Love the nails...very unique. Your outfit looks fab great pairing I'm going to steal it for one of my night out :)Hope you had a great night xx

Shana said...

I love,everything about this post and omg I haven't looked at gilt by association in so long, but this have me a renewed interest! Awesome post

tamrock said...

Love the nails!

Also, nice to meet you at the all- black party this past Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Love the nails!

yummy411 said...

@ krys:P thanks <3

@ jojo: thanks! i had an alright time... I guess I have to keep working on my plan..

@ shana: thanks lady! yes pull out the GBA!

@ tamrock! it was awesome meeting you!!!! thanks!!

@ kay: thanks love!!

The Dollymix Diaries said...

Loving the nails and the make up looks amazing!!

nailsdryer said...

Quite impressive nail design. like it so much