Friday, October 07, 2011

The MAC Fall Colour Collection's Dirty Little Secret

Have you seen Nikkia's ( recent post on MAC's Fall Colour Collection?  She shows us all of the products that MAC has repromoted for the collection. Beware, it's almost the entire collection!  However, I still went into the store to check it out, asking the MUA for recommendations (or what was left 1 week post release *smirk*).  While some things are repromoted, I don't own all of the items... that would include C-thru lipglass.  C-thru and I weren't really friends during my makeup journey because I thought the color was too pale, pastey and not up my alley.

Its been a while since I've been on this makeup journey and I've learned to appreciate all types of nudes.   C-thru striked my fancy a bit this go 'round. The MUA told me a little dirty) secret that was well worth me going into the store checking out the repromotes.  The new C-thru batch isn't quite like the old one.  It's more sheer!  She shared that people who were in love with the original formula of C-thru have been returning the new one saying it isn't the same.  Aha! Bad for them, great for me! I hope they keep this new formula. I'm personally in love with it!  It almost reminds me of a better version of NYX's Sugar Pie, nude and milky, striking a great balance between pigmented and sheer for a gorg glaze topping for a lip.

Below- me wearing the new C-thru launched with the MAC Fall Colour Collection.  I applied a good amount, but it's not as opaque as the original C-thru.

What did you get from the collection?  Did you notice a difference with the new C-thru?
Items I might return for (if available): Plum Bright and Show Orchid lipsticks (nope don't have SO!),  Emerald Dusk pigment, Blue Candy eye shadow 


Blusherine said...

I don't have C-thru but I always meant to get it! I would probably prefer the old version though, since I like pigmented glosses, I have too many sheer ones that all look the same! :-)

yummy411 said...

hi blusherine! great to see you stopping by on the blog! don't worry, this version of c-thru isn't super sheer. it's just not as opaque as the original one. With the formula of MAC's glosses, the color and gloss is sure to 'stick' around... pun intended! lol

yummy411 said...

ARE sure to 'stick' around...*