Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Season 13 of Dancing with the Stars Cast Announced!

Are you a DWTS fan like I am? Monday nights, I tweet like crazy #DWTS hahaha! Dance skills, popularity and killer costumes and makeup! This season seems that it will be more exciting than the last! What a round up! They have a team player for everyone!

Rob Kardashian (He needs help. Playboy isn't calling him, no real contribution to the Kardashian empire...do DWTS! Would he look better with a smokey eye and Herve Leger dress? But seriously, why doesn't he start the men's line/store for Dash??? Come on... Chris didn't think of that???)

Nancy Grace (The court shows come to dancing prime time tv!)

Kristin Cavallari (The Hills, eh.. Reality TV star, check.)

Ricki Lake (Ohh me and Ricks go back! Messy talk shows, weight loss, kids, Charmed School. I might be rooting for her this season!)

Ron Artest (Minority athlete, check.)

David Arquette (Smeh, I can't call it. Another star needing help to reignite their career after messy divorce?)

Chynna Phillips (I totally dig and respect her......)

Carson Kressley (Gay community spokesperson... check. Seriously, my vote is tied between him and Ricki!)

J.R. Martinez (Injured veteran, heart strings on the railroad tracks... check.)

Elisabetta Canalis (Who? Oh George Clooney fame... and uh Italian actress.)

Chaz Bono (Transgendered community spokesperson... check. Let's see him dance like a man!)

Will you be tuned in?? So I may root for Ricki or Carson or whomever is Lacey's partner. She's my favorite pro dancer!

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