Monday, August 15, 2011

Naturally Fabulous! Check out my sister's hair!

Mhmm, my sister was inspired by me when she got her new hair do, hehe.

Let's see how long you've been a reader... which sister is this? ;)

Check it out!

I call this the french roll/mohawk look. My sister Jess started by dying the top of her head blond. Now she has kind of the tri-color thing going on. Dark brown at the base/bottom, her deepened red... Remember her 'inspired by Rihanna red'? And now the blond. I love it! Rolled it up from bottom to top and secured with hair pins, the 'do is the total hip accessory to any outfit/look!


mschrys79 said...

I like that! It's cute :)

Aurélie Ariel said...


Antoinette said...

That's my sister. Love it ;0)

Silver Lips said...

Gorgeous! And tell Sister I need those glasses.

Jess Jess said...

Thanks guys!! :):)

Catherine Ward said...

I know it’s been a while now, but WOW. Your sister looks awesome with her hair color! Her choice of colors created an analogous effect on her crowning glory. Now, I’m curious what she color her hair is now. Keep us updated!

Catherine Ward