Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I love my nails featuring Sweatheart by OPI

I have 3 nail spots I visit depending on the need. This time, I had to visit spot #3 on my list: near by, quick, 30 min (give or take) work time, but expensive. I wasn't looking for the most immaculate job, but I lucked up!

I was trying a new guy/nail tech (I'm not too picky when I go to this place because I'm usually in a dire rush to get my nails done.) This guy threw me for a loop. The guy was a riot to work with, has me calling him Papi (literally! I can't remember his real name!) He filed down the corners of my nails exactly how I like them and was pushing the envelope giving me pointy nails. He said he could make them even more pointy, but that's not my preference... this was perfect!

I went to the shop without a previously picked color *gasp*, so the little sis chose Sweetheart by OPI for me. I wasn't thrilled (a neutral jelly-ish polish?? Totally not up my alley...), but thought to give it a go anyway. In my book OPI has a way of not always grabbing me in by bottle color, but on the nails it always lands a near perfect for me. This color has really grown on me, especially for my conservative work place. My nails feel, bright, fresh and pleasantly neutral. Two coats and a top coat! With my hands so bland, I've given China Glaze's Refresh Mint a go on my toes.... why did I wait so long???? I love it!


B said...

I loooove those sugary pinks but can never find one that need less than like 5 coats. I love this one. Is your nail shape is gorgeous! If I could grow mine long enough, I'd give that look a try.

yummy411 said...

thank you my love, B!