Monday, June 20, 2011

MAC Blogger Obsession Collection

On Tuesday, June 21, MAC will debut their Blogger Obsession Collection (online only). MAC selected 9 bloggers to collaborate with to make her dream product. The collection comprises of 4 shadows and 5 lip glasses.

Check out Nikkia/Silver Lips' run down of the collection!
Check out Lianne/The Makeup Girl's swatches! *Drools*

So, I attended The Makeup Girl's blogaversary party and got to see the very special shadow created by her! She told me the story of how it all went down... Let me tell you, I had tears in my eyes, because it's every makeup lover's dream.

I swatched Lianne's shadow, Hocus Pocus and here it is on me!

My ran-to-the bathroom-cell-phone-pic does not do this shadow justice! (Thanks, Shana!) You can't see the sparkle in it!

Have you seen Patrice/Afrobella's lipglass that she created, All of My Purple Life? Check it out as she debuts it on YouTube.

Don't you love Patrice??? She warms my heart!

I'm pumped, excited and overjoyed for all the ladies that were able to have this opportunity (I know most of them!) Will you get anything? What's on your list to buy?


Brea Ellis said...

What an exciting blogger collaboration! Way to go MAC!

Anisa said...
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Anisa said...

I can't wait to purchase mines on tmrw. I'm so excited for you Patrice!!! Way to go! What a blessing and opportunity. I can't wait to spread the news. PURPLE is my absolute FAV! Much success!

Tysh said...

You know this collection will be sold out, I will be ordering early tomorrow morning.

Amina said...

I want the purple lipgloss. All the colors are so pretty! Tysh is right. I might have to wake up very early and stalk the

yummy411 said...

@ brea: right! MAC found the gold!

@ anisa: same here girlie!

@ tysh: i had to wait to get mine... and temptalia's shadow is all sold out =(

@ amina: i woke up at 3 thinking i had a chance and there were major glitches going on frustrating me! =p did you get your order in? what did you get?