Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Naturally Fabulous

Name: Mary
How long have you been natural?: Two years... Going natural was a dare from her best friend. She did it and has been enjoying the journey ever since.
Salon: Technicolor Salon Upper Marlboro, MD (Largo Town Center/Blvd at the Cap Ctre)

Mary's hair and style was too fly. The gorgeous color of her hair, design and her ability to own it, I just had to inquire about her 'do (...AND makeup, nails and more! Lol!) As a blogger, I've been in the habit of doing this, but have paused for a bit because some people aren't as receptive. (Street style bloggers I need some tips!) Mary was very sweet to let me capture her look while on the Metro. Yes y'all, I got her pic and we gabbed it up all while on the train. She gave me insight on her experience at Technicolor, which I had no idea was a salon! I'm looking forward to making my appt!

Have you been to Technicolor?

Thanks Mary!!


janel said...

OMG! i love the ' unique updos. when my locs get just a little longer...! LOL

yummy411 said...

girl don't do like i did and waited... have fun now... find a good youtube vid or stylist and live! last year i think i really started to play around with my hair smch! time wasted!

indian hair weave said...

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Atiyah said...

LOVE IT, I was sitting here thinking wait this is on metro! Glad she was very receptive.

Anne said...

Mary is a Beautiful woman (inside and out). That's what makes it so easy for me to style her!!! Thanks for the shout Atiyah! If you want to see more pics please find me on facebook under: Urban Naturalhaircare Rootz!

Mary said...

Thanks for the love everyone. Kia you are fabulous, and it was such a pleasure! I hope everyone gets their next new do at Urban Naturalhaircare Rootz! Anne, darling, you are THE BEST!

yummy411 said...

@ atiyah: i know right?! DC ppl usually aren't like that.

@ anne: hey anne! glad i got to come see you... my hair post is coming soon!

@ mary: hey, gurrrll! thank you!!

Special K said...

Very, very pretty. I really want a natural hair stylist in the area. I tried looking for a website and didn't actually find one will you point me in that direction?