Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Makeup Show 2011! Part 2

Link So, what did I get?
1. The Powder Group Pro Clear Soft Packs- I had already revamped my kit organizing items into clear bags that I had picked up from WalMart for $5 each. It changed my life, so I couldn't resist getting TPG's set with different sizes-- 5 different bags for $30. The WalMart cosmetic clear bags have tougher plastic, but are only one size fits all =/

2. Japonesque 35 Well Lip Palette- I have palettes of other kinds, but I didn't have one for lipsticks... I see my kit looking better already! Yes!

3. Blot Out Offensive Shine and Oil Control Cream- I wasn't as satisfied with MAC's matte gel, so I wanted something comparable to that. Each year at The Makeup Show, I see this product so I figured this year would be the year I tried it. I needed a clear cream or gel that I could use with or without makeup. This product is white, but rubs down to a clear, matte finish. I can't wait to put it to the test.

4. Eve Pearl's Duo Salmon Concealer & Treatment (in Tan)- Another one of those "bought out of curiosity" items. I've heard about it, I'm a believer and subscriber to the theory of what the product is and just felt like darn.. it's about time. Plus, Eve Pearl herself was basically helping me with my purchase! I hope it lives up to what I want it to be. I have so many concealers! Will this stand out from the rest?

5. Extra Small Cotton Swabs- I couldn't find a link for these, but they are ultra skinny and small cotton swabs... I use my cotton swabs a lot, so I figured some in a different size would be cool and probably useful. For less than $2 a pack, they couldn't hurt, right?

6. Bdellium Brushes!- Touting themselves as the professional, antibacterial cosmetic brush I had to check them out especially since my girl Faces by Azia JS featured them on her blog. I told the owners that I was checking them out because Azia recommended them and they knew and spoke of her fondly. Yay bloggers! So excited to see this brand as Crown was too crowded, Cozette wasn't at the station so I could ask questions before purchasing, some other companies just didn't strike my fancy, but Bdellium pulled me in with their assortment of duo fibre brushes as well as the awesome little travel size brushes that I'm in love with.

7. Z Palette- I bought a small one from IMATS and this rocked my socks! Like I said before, I knew about the palette, but life is different once you have it in your possession and use it! It will make you want to depot and press all loose cosmetics to be able to store them in your Z palette. You'd think clear lids/bags was revolutionary, but hey... they make life sooooooooo much easier! Save time and the guessing by being able to see what you need! Save room by not having spacers in your palettes and the pan will fit no matter the size! Ahhh... I'd like to save a sentence or two for when I do a formal review.

I hope I get to use and review all of these items soon!

Check out more pictures below!!

Silver Lips, Me, Yannize and Shana Janelle

Me and Mona of Make Me Blushhhh

MAC Pro.. the sales people were nice and actually selling products! Go MAC!
Someone said to have even gotten Candy Yum Yum while at the show???
I thought they were selling pro products only.... hmmm should have gotten some blushes!

The scene of Danessa Myricks Ruby Kisses competition hosted by herself along with Elessa and Attiyaa.

Some personalities we get used to seeing on You Tube as the girl next door or the friend on your comp, but off the comp Attiyaa is just as gorgeous yall!

Gorgeous Bethany Townes was part of the competition!!
And guess who the winner was???
Yes!!! Bethany!!

Me and the homie @OhMyTy of Gorgeous in Gray. She's wearing her CoverGirl Lip Perfection lipstick in Spellbound!

Me, Eve Pearl and my homie Kenya (Brown Girlz Rock)

The entire Smashbox crew stopped what they were doing at their station to take a pic for me! Every year Lori is at The Makeup Show being the fabulous person that she is. I love her!

Billy B spoke and we listened! He also gave big shout outs to Erin Scandalous Beauty! Loves it!

Ahh my homie AJ Crimson. Like, I love him! I told him I miss him on Twitter and want to see him with his both showcasing his foundations! We're waiting AJ!! I didn't get any insider scoop on the status of that, hmph!

THE Same Fine. This is as close as I got to him. This is his first year being at the show. There was a crazy line of people waiting to talk to him and buy his DVD, but I've hugged him before and have his signed DVD. I'm good. :) Remind me to tell yall about that experience one day...

Darby Girl and Francine of Revealing Beaute'

Lauren/Queen of Blending in her tutu and hair garden piece repping for OCC

Tysh and me! Every year she wows me with her makeup and brows... this year was the same without fail! Dont forget the gorgeous hair!

Yup her eye makeup looked as airbrushed as it does in the pic... talented!

Deshawn Hatcher and me! I love her blog! She has infinite wisdom to share about this industry!

Ro of Creatively Yours and me!

Erica of Glamorous Gleam, NY's fashionista was in the building! lol (I have no idea what I was looking at, but a great pic of us nonetheless)

Me and Mr. CoCoMoreno! I met him at IMATs, but seeing him at this event, it rung a bell that I saw him at TMS last year also.. so sweet, so nice and a beautiful spirit. Wish I could have talked to him more, but he was helping a customer!

Me and the homie Yana of (I will be ) My Own Judge.
So good to see her again!

THE Reggie Wells was in the building. The golden hands of Oprah's beauty for over 20 years. He spoke to the masses and had a booth of his own selling product!

Kenya, co founder of CoverFX and Melissa of CoverFX, and Darby Girl Toni!
So awesome to meet one of the founders of such an innovative brand!!!

Glamcor was in the building. Guess who got the last classic lighting kit? HeHe.... how gorg is she in this awesome dress? We wanted it, but settled for the name of the ATL boutique, SOLE.

Erin Scandalous Beauty and Meagan Shea (Beauty editor now on Afrobella)

Elessa from Pursebuzz... she's been around in the blogosphere/interwebs for a while now. She remembered me :) and she totally get the AWARD FOR SWEETEST ONLINE PERSONALITY. I could tell she was exhausted from the excitement of the day, but she kept a smile on her face and chatted with us for a few and tooks pics.. she's awesome... as we already knew, but it's great to confirm that IRL.

Me, Ren of Makeup by RenRen and Darby Girl Toni
Out of all my blogworld friends, Ren is one of the OG's and this was our first time meeting! She's as gorgeous and down to earth as you'd expect! I never circled back to say goodbye, but I hope this won't be our last meeting!

Toni, Mils from Dominican Enigma and me. I love this foxxy fly mama! We ran into each other looking for Ren at Graphtobian! LOL!

I stopped these ladies to compliment them on their makeup.. the colors were so bold and bright, I loved it. Well, I'm so glad I did!!! These are the owners of the newest makeup line sensation to hit the net...Magnolia Makeup! With a weird obsession for New Orleans (maybe we'll talk about that later) I just had to get a pic and hopefully I'll be ordering soon!

Yeh this is all I saw of Make Up For Ever, oh yeh, I saw the line and kept walking. I braved the line last year. I wasn't in the mood this year. I had too much to accomplish in so little time. Notice I don't have a pic of Inglot or Crown (the craziest booths in the entire place)!

Me and Ms. Butterfli/Danyelle Ducket MUA ;) Don't you love her hair too!

Divaaaaaa! --yes you have to sing it! (Lisa) of YouTube has the fiercest brows, eva! Pictures do them no justice! We met here, but I can't wait to check out her vids!

Tammy of Portrait of a Lady!! My blogger homie and winner of my Makeup Show tix giveaway from last year. She won tickets again this year! Lucky girl. So good to see her IRL!

Nerissa of Noire Tropical and DarbyGirl! So good seeing her again! If you need to stay focused --on a schedule or what have you, this is the person to hang with! As soon as we got there, she gave us the 411 on what was what and what was coming up next! Can't wait to hang out with her again!

Beautiful bloggers that I look forward to seeing whenever I'm in NY, Miss Irene of MissWhoEverYouAre and Adina of Krasey Beauty!

Whew! More to come! Let me at least go to bed and catch my breath! =p


kate said...

gorgeous show.well done.

The Dollymix Diaries said...

You are gorgeous that's all i have to say x x

MakeupByRenRen said...

great post mama! it was so great to finally meet you, next time we gotta hang out more :)

RevealingBeaute said...

Awwwww Kia!!! it was so good to meet you! Stay pretty until the next time! ((((hugs)))

Kenya Ortiz said...

Great post Kia.

Amina said...

YAY!! Love love love the post :)

The Makeup Snob.com said...

omg. you got sooo many amazing pictures! So many beautiful people in this post!! xoox

Tysh said...

You are making me blush, LOL, girl your brows are the BOMB and your perfect natural makeup. I didn't see Erin there, forget about Crown Brushes I am in love with Bdellium Tools, did you see the green bamboo one, Ummm, Ummm, Ummmm....

Faida said...

You and Eric from Glamorous Gleam are my absolute fav bloggers!

JennySue said...

So glad I found your site!! I wish this Makeup Show was closer to me- looks like an absolute blast!! I love how friendly it looks like everyone was. Your hair is too cute by the way;-)

MsChrys79 said...

I'm so jealous I missed this one too! I'm coming to one of the shows next year for sure!!! looks like you had a great time! great photos and as always lover the makeup look :-)

Erin said...

I didn't get the chance to see you. :-(

Great post, by the way!

yummy411 said...

@ kate: thank you!

@ the dollymix diaries: thanks Nu!!

@ makeup by ren ren: thanks girl!! you know we did one round, made it a class and had to rush out of the door?? we had to grab something and eat on the bus =( hopefully, I'll make it to ATL one of these days soon!

@ revealing beaute: thanks francine! it was great to meet you too!

@ kenya: thanks girl and bus buddy!

@ amina: thanks! so sad we didn't get an annual pic together =p

@ sara/the makeup snob.com: thanks mama!

@ tysh: aww thanks girlie! so great seeing you! yes the bdellium brushes mean business!

@ faida: awww faida!!! thank you!!!! thanks for commenting!

@ jenny sue: thanks! and it seems you'll have to make it to one of the makeup shows next year!! it was so much fun!

@ mschrys79: girl!! where have you been? yes i need you to come to one of these trade shows!

@ erin: i know!!! awww! thanks erin!