Tuesday, March 15, 2011

NARS Belle De Jour lipstick review, swatches and comparisons

When I visited New York and made a stop at the one and only NARS boutique (413 Bleeker), I picked up a small haul. In my small haul I chose Belle De Jour lipstick (sheer finish) because I'm mildly obsessed with creamy, light peachy lippies. Amongst the colors, this struck me as the light peach that I needed. It had some lustre to it, so it would be perfect for days I have on a full face of makeup or not!
I just learned that this was a highly sought after color a while back. Apparently, Kim K said this was one of her favorite lipsticks. I can see that. She favors a peachy nude in a lot of her smoky eye looks.
(Not so pretty after being used, ehh..)

(l-r MAC Peachstock, NARS Belle De Jour, MAC Shy Girl, Revlon Demure)

Out of these lipsticks, Belle De Jour has the least amount of peach and is the sheerest. Sheers are usually more glossy and has slip to them compared to other finishes. However, when you apply the lipstick, it has a semi satin finish. There's one issue with this lipstick that's kept me on the fence: it seemed to be very drying on me. I'm a bit dehydrated and probably soak up any moisture that my body comes in contact with, but seriously out of all my lip products this is the one I'm constantly breaking out salve and balm and reapplying the color. Maybe that's just me.

Here I am wearing NARS Belle De Jour lipstick with MAC's Creamola lip pencil.

Do you like Belle De Jour? What's your favorite NARS lipstick?


Mischo Beauty said...
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Mischo Beauty said...

I love it on you, I do! Not happy to hear it's drying though... one of my fav NARS lipsticks is Promiscuous... and not to change the subject, but your brows look AMAZING!

Shana said...

I agree with Mischo/K - Kia your brows are always EVERYTHING! I like this color-adding it to my list!

yummy411 said...

hey ladies! thanks! *blushing*

@ Mischo: I'll have to check out Promiscuous!

nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Very Pretty color!! And good swatches! And like the other two ladies stated your brows are on point darling! Are you doing anything different to them? because not that they aren't flawless all the time but in this photo they are giving me life :-)

Reina said...

This looks perfect on you hun!

Rai said...

I love this lipstick! Blonde Venus is another favorite of mine. It's more peachier.

yummy411 said...

@ nikkia: thanks doll! this was taken last week or so.. i might have freshly dyed/bleached my brows and pulled out the magnifying 10x mirror to get the pesky hairs while tweezing.

@ reina: thanks chickadee! hope all is well with you and new baby!

@ rai: thanks! i need to check that out!