Monday, March 28, 2011

Milani Baked Blushes

I had to search around for these, but finally spotted them at Walmart and Walgreens. Bellisimo Bronze was the hardest to find. I don't know why...

Clockwise from the top: Berry Amore, Luminoso, Corallina and Bellisimo Bronze
Swatches left to right: Berry Amore, Luminoso, Corallina and Bellisimo Bronze
Fingertip Swatches: Bellisimo Bronze, Corallina, Luminoso and Berry Amore
Swatches left to right: Bellisimo Bronze, Berry Amore, Corallina

I had to swatch these side by side because I was having trouble distinguishing Berry Amore and Corallina apart in the swatches even though they look worlds apart in the pans. Berry Amore looks like a muted peach, sometimes a bit pink. Corallina is definitely brighter, more pastel coral, orange and has tons of sparkles.

The others:
Bellisimo Bronze- orangey bronze
Luminoso- a light pale peach with sheen

These retail for about $7.99. In addition to finding them at Walmart and Walgreens, they are on but currently out of stock.

Do you have any of these? Which is your favorite? Berry Amore might be my fave out of my little bunch.


Rai said...

Out of all the shades I own Rose D'oro is definitely my favorite!

ShakeupYourMakeup! said...

These are beautfiful! I need to find them!

SakuraBlossom said...

I bought "fantastico mauve" online hoping to receive a beautiful,shimmery pink-mauve.
No, no, it looks like dirt on my face, is tooo dark, toooo warm, on me is practically bronzer-brown.
My skin is too fair and cool toned for this particular blush.

medina said...
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medina said...

Coped Coralinna and am contemplating returning it.
Don't have a use for blush with such large, visible sparkles...
...maybe I should keep it for my kit? Haven't decided

Widdlesh said...

Milani products are incredibly pigmented and pretty great quality for the price. These blushes look awesome! Thank for the great review!

Mz More said...

Love them all... so pretty. I want!

Timeisha said...

These all look super pretty, and now thanks to you I want them all! As if I really need anymore blushes or makeup period, lol! :-)

yummy411 said...

@ rai: cool! but the luminoso might take its place for me lol

@ shakeupyourmakeup: you should! let us know what you think of them!

@ sakura blossom: sorry it didn't work out for you. i wonder if luminoso would be a better fit?

@ medina: yeh the sparkles are kinda crazy in corallina. i can handle huge sparkles. luminoso is one of the few, if only shade without the huge sparkles.

@ widdlesh: i agree! i hope you get your fingers on one soon!

@ mz more: yes, you need one if you are a slave to blush like i am!

@ timeisha: at least one is justified ;)

Celia said...

thanks for the swatch... i wanna pick one up but was hesistant lol bellisimo looks pretty

Lady CroCro said...

Thank you so much about this swatches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pumps and Gloss said...

Oooh they look pretty pretty!!!

Amija said...

I love these! I have Red Vino, Coralina, Berry Amore and Fantastico Mauve. On my nw44 skin, they aren't too sparkly but give great color! I want all of them! I've been wearing my Coralina more than my Taj Mahal and that's saying a whole lot!