Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marble Mani Take 2!

Office lady Kris I started the Marble Mani revolution in our office. Today I'm sharing her marble mani from last week. Check it out!

Kris I. says: "I was going for a one-color shimmer splash…. Also, please excuse the unfinished rush job on my cuticles! Lol"

She used: OPI-Parlez Vous OPI (base)
Orly Galaxy Girl (marble color)-

"I could give you a rundown of what I do, but this girl does it THEEE BEST! And she is on youtube for the best tutorials! Mysimplelittlepleasures. Also at www.mysimplelittlepleasures.blogspot.com"

Here are a few tips from Kris I. on marbling:
1-Make sure to use room temp filtered water.
2-Tape around the nail (so you have less to clean up after marbling).
3-Drop polishes in water and use a toothpick (or something sharp) to make designs.
4-Position your nail where you want your design to be…and dunk!
5-While nail is still in water, use toothpick to clean excess polish from surface of water (so as not to mess up your design while pulling it out of the water).
6-BE PATIENT…as not all polishes work together!


Thanks so much Office Lady Kris!

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