Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Buds at the end of my locs!

Hair irritation #1 right now (oh besides the moisture battle): buds straggling at the ends of my locs. See above there is a thin area between the bud at the end of my loc and the rest of my loc? Ugh! Before I found these, the ends of my hair were thick coils from when i started my locs with comb coils. I went to a hair stylist and she pretty much cut all of them off as they were making my hair way too bulky.

Now that I find quite a few buds at the ends of my locs, I cut them off. For more maintenance on my hair, I cut down thicker, spongier buds along my locs to keep heft out of my hair.

Visit Brittany's hair blog where she talks buds and locs!
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Atiyah said...

I had a few of those that were also colored I went to
@Noireboss1's salon and she cut them off and i could not believe how lighter my locs felt! Those buds hold water also.

yummy411 said...

yup! my first haircut felt amazing! i was sad she was cutting off my baby curly q's but i felt liberated after.. so now i monitor my hair for the buds and snip them!