Monday, October 25, 2010

OPI Swiss Collection

Is OPI's Swiss Collection old news? I hope not. Without visiting Trade Secret every week, I would never see the new OPI's. I found this small, mainly sold out collection display at a beauty supply, not in my area. The display totally had me entranced on the shimmery blue in the collection. The gorgeous, jewel tone color had me at its first shimmer. Something about that fabulous contrast of rich color against all of the stark white....

So I picked up 2- Yodel Me on My Cell and Cuckoo for This Color (Check ALU for all of the offerings.) Ahh, I can have the striking, deep, shimmery turquoise nail like the model.. a brighter turquoise or a darker one.. I got both because I really couldn't choose! I got home to to find L.A. Girl's Metallic polish in Deep Sea Mica amongst my polishes... the best of both worlds! *blank face* At the beauty supply, they were charging nothing less than the full price. *grimace*

L.A. Girls Metal Metallic Nail Polish Deep Sea Mica, OPI Yodel Me on My Cell, and OPI I Cuckoo for This Color

Same order as above

Clockwise from top left: OPI Yodel Me on My Cell, L.A. Girls Deep Sea Mica, and OPI Cuckoo for this Color

OPI Cuckoo for This Color

L.A. Girls Deep Sea Mica

OPI Yodel Me on My Cell
Here's where things get tricky, for me at least. I gravitated toward Cuckoo (for short) because it was a shimmery teal, while Yodel was turquoise and brighter. However, I think I'm a bit color blind because others definitely say Cuckoo is green. I think I've been convinced, but I will justify my initial assessment because of the blue shimmers in the deep green base. (It was described as such by another blogger and I looked at an up close blurry swatch to inspect the shimmers!) Blue-green thoroughly mixed can make a teal, right? Ahh well, who cares! I didn't need either because I had the L.A. Girls DSM all along!
**Edited to add: Not too long after I posted this and thought of ALU's comparison of Cuckoo and Zoya Suvi, Emerald Fitzgerald also came to mind. Check out this link!**

Do you have any of these? What was your favorite of the OPI Swiss collection or the L.A. Girls Metallic polishes?


Beautifuldaymua said...

I love the polish but never buy OPI. Don't know why but just never do. :)

Imo said...

I dont like blue polish but cuckoo for this colour looks positively HOT!

Mz. More said...

I have Ski Teal We Drop from the Swiss Collection and I love it. A beautiful dark teal creme!

rmcandlelight said...

Yes girl you are behind in opi collections. The newest one is Burlesques. But the ones you picked up are my favorites from the collection :) I'm a sucker for blue and green polish!

B said...

Ahhh, I totally passed on this collection. Not sure why. And why can't I find LA Girls anywhere? Ugh!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I am loving all three of those colors! So pretty!

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Reina said...

Oooo lurve those!

yummy411 said...

@ beautifuldaymua: opi is one of the best with cremes!!

@ imo: glad you like!!

@ mz. more: yes it is beautiful! i thought of mac's blue india when i saw it, which is why i didn't get it, but i searched for comparisons:

@ rcmcandlelight: hey lady. reading about collexs so far in advance, it's hard to keep up... but trust me that it's more of my local stores never getting the stock until late! grrrr! the display i saw was nearly sold out, but where was vintage vixen or the burlesque glitters?? no where to be found :( i hate ordering online all the time! i like to see in person!

@ b: yeh i was about to pass to if i never found this display! is LA Girls on cherry culture? i always happen upon them in various beauty supply stores with different/inconsistant stock.

@ leeanne:oh i will! thanks!

@ reina: glad you like! how are you??

Krissy90220 said...

I passed on the Swiss reason why because I like a few of the colors. I think I was just a bit underwhelmed by it :(

Butterfly Diva said...

Love the OPI Swiss collection, I got I'm Suzi I'm a Chocoholic.