Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Getting Ready for MAC's Tartan Tale Holiday Collection? Thoughts and a few swatches.

(photo credit: Temptalia)
Tartan Tale Holiday collection is being released at MAC on Thursday, October 28 in the USA. For all product information and swatches visit Temptalia.
I wanted to show you guys what I saw and what I thought of a few of the different products (even if I had to make the swatches last from Bowie, to dropping off kids and finally home!).

Name those swatches!
-At the top, the five different liners: Petrol Blue, Undercurrent, Lord It Up, Blackline and Black Swan
-To the right of the liners is Her Blooming Cheek blush
-Second row, Full Fuchsia lipstick
-Next to Full Fuchsia is Enviably Fun eye shadow
-Her Blooming Cheek blush continues and to the right is Radiant Jewels dazzleglass creme
-Next row: lipstick swatches- Courting Lilac, Deepest Wish, Cut-a-Caper (and Cut-a-Caper is swatched again at the bottom)

Now, let's discuss!
-Her blooming cheek is a deep, unforgiving pink in the pan. It's a Satin, but has a bit of frost to it in my opinion (no shimmers) just a frost that makes it a bit lighter than what it looks to be in the pan.
-Power combo that I'm looking forward to (despite my collecton of hot pink lippies that's growing)? Fulll Fuchsia lipstick (pro item) and the Radiant Jewels dazzleglass creme... I just squealed typing it! It's so hot, you'll need SPF! (Ok, sorry.. lol I'm excited and need to convey how serious that lip is!)
-Am I being biased about the three items above because they are used in the promo pic that I'm desperately in love with?
-Enviably Fun eye shadow was swatched on me by the MUA... not impressed. The tartan print is cute, but it was a light swatch.
-The lipsticks... I wasn't impressed with them as much either. I didn't get to swatch Faerie Glen, but from the description we've seen it before. Courting Lilac gives me the same vibe as Pervette lipstick.. a more lilac version? Not certain. I am smitten with Cut-a-Paper. In person it appears a peachy pink, but the fact that it photographs as an opaque gloss... totally loving it! (That's definitely what I appreciate about lustre lipsticks!)
The pearlglide liners... I'm a huge fan! I love them all! The spark of slightly contrasting glitter in them is gorgeous! (Ohhh, you can't see the glitter as well in these swatches *sad face*) I'm regretting that I didn't get backups of the pearlglide liners that came out with the Art Supplies collection!

Ehh, wasn't sure if this was worthy of showing... to the right of Radiant Jewels dazzleglass creme is My Highland Honey blush that I couldn't really see. It's a light peach, maybe a decent highlight. My face is different from my hand, so as a blush whore, I will def test it on my cheeks to be sure. Below, the last glossy stain on my hand is a neutral lipstick from one of the bag sets. I don't remember which. I wasn't as impressed, but as a neutral lip girl, I'm sure I'll check it out again! It reminded me a bit of one of my faves, Viva Glam 5.

What am I getting from the core collection....? (The gift sets are a whole 'nother story! Whew!)
-Blushes. I have to swatch the Highland Honey again to be sure.
-The power combo: Full Fuchsia lipstick and Radiant Jewels dazzleglass! Fo' sho! This one actually makes me want to check out the other dazzleglass cremes.
- Cut-a-Paper lipstick
- Pigments. In the jar they look insanely dark, but I want the blue and green pigments.

Will be checking out:
-Highland Honey blush
-Eye shadows

What will you be getting??? What did you think of the products?


Anonymous said...

im not allowed to go back and add but if i could, i'd grab that green liner and maybe one of the pigments. as u know, i got petrol liner, semi-precious eyeshadow, and radiant jewels. u need to get into dazzle glass cremes! they are my faves.

yummy411 said...

oooh nice! i have one or two dazzleglass cremes that's collecting dust ;( i need to use them! Radiant Jewels will be mine!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I just love the packaging! I think I'll just go online when the items go on sale and see what hasn't sold out!

Amina said...

I just placed my order :) I got blooming cheek and the radiant jewels :)
Your enthusiasm was so contagious <3

I BLEED PINK said...

I was not super wowed at this collection, but I am thinking I will check out that pink blush in person before making a decision.

yummy411 said...

@ leanne: it is gorg huh? hahaha! good luck with the online selection!

@ amina: ooohhh, can't wait to see what you think of radiant jewels!

@ i bleed pink: do check it out and let me know what you think!!