Friday, August 06, 2010

Three I's

I got... the purple glitter acrylic that I initially wanted the first time I got this acrylic set. Now I'm looking for a darker purple color!

Mini review: Just like the popular acrylic white french tips for chip resistant color and longer wear many people get, this design takes on the same concept. Virtually no chipping and with the axiom gel top coat it shines for days without a clear polish top coat touch up! It seems stronger than regular acrylic. The finish is glassy with huge shards of opal-esque/mother of pearl glitter floating in a jelly. With this lilac color, I have no visible nail line like I did with the white/clear/sky blue glitter. Drying time is painless and perfect! About 10 minutes or so under the UV gel lamp and stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Downside: The cost will run you about $30-35-45 for a fill depending on what you want- change the design, cut down, basic fill. That's compared to a regular acrylic fill of $15-20. Also, during the file down you will need a little mask or to cover your mouth. This process get dusty and dirty more than likely due to the thickness and amount of acrylic and extra particles (the glitter).

I'm crushing on...*now loving* Nars Multiple in Lamu from the Summer 2010 Collection. It's Nars Multiple meets MAC iridescent pressed powders. Remember those from the Fafi collection? I didn't like the MAC iridescent powders because it gave a hint of color with huge glitter that fell where the wind blew... but THIS lays the glitter down in a cream, the color is gorgeous and is just awesome with my tan! :D Def have to see this in person. Here's one more Lamu Multple swatch from Celia. Most of the gold sheen you see in that swatch is pure glittah!

So my now serious crush is on the new NARS palettes!

I'm loving... MAC's Go For It lipstick. Cremesheen formula, nice color that's a get what you you see in the pic type color, which doesn't hold true for the likes of Lavender Whip.

A bonus 'Eye'... I bruised my eyeball (my left eye) during an allergy attack after enjoying my delish Ranier cherries last week. The best all season! Next time, I'll be heavily drugged with my Zyrtec before I indulge. This has been putting a damper on my makeup and it won't be totally clear for another week =(

Extra bonus I-- I LOVE YOU GUYS! Have a great weekend!


Tawanna said...

That lamu multiple looks so good on you, makes you glow!! Not the "motherly" glow but a been to Miami glow!!! :D

1xellus1 said...

You look GORGEOUS! The nails are hot too! Condolences on the bruised eye! I love my e/s & it kills me when things like this prevent me from banging out my eyes like i want to. i bought some disappointing cherries this week. $12 & some change. LOL & my throat was itchy after having eaten some. A reminder to do some benadryl or something b4 indulging. Thanks for sharing girl

Amina said...

off to the website to check out those look amazing and your locs are simply goorgeous!!

Milan said...

Beautiful! I so want to try those nails too!

CheHauteChocolate said...

Kia your makeup looks amazing!

yummy411 said...

@ tawana: lmao! thanks girl! ;)

@ 1xellus1: thanx!! someone knows my pain! but yes, gotta drug up! hope your next batch of cherries will be better!

@ amina: thank you hon! yes please check out the palettes. would love to hear what you think.. i'm iffy about the cheeks colors :/

@ milan: thanks! i think the different acrylic powders are by tammy taylor (?) ask you salon about them.

@ chehautechocolate: hey che!! thanks girl!