Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Palette

Hey family!
Remember this post? I said I would add details later... well yes, it's much later, but uh.. here are the details, ha! I wanted to review the Stila Jewel Eye Shadow Palette. This was a new product that I used on my eyes and was pretty impressed with!

Check it out below:

(click to enlarge)

Four dreamy, jewel, creme, metallic shades! It has a consistency of a cream, but it's not your usual cream. There are some slight properties of a gel or silicone I'm guessing to keep that shimmer and sparkle moving around like a cream. This interesting texture allowed me to move the shadow around as I needed! I loved that the cream's metallic shine was also a bit iridescent. It's hard for me to speak on this product being crease resistant, but I used my regular primer MAC Paint pot and the shadow held up well all night! The FOTD I did with this palette was one of the last few that I've done that I really liked!

Soooo, that was the main detail I wanted to share! Lol!

I used the deep purple amythest shade in my crease from the Stila palette. I know I used a teal liner on my top lid and lower, I used Instant Chic blush from MAC's Liberty of London collection as well as English Accents lipglass. :D

Do you have this palette? What do you think of it? Find Stila's Jewel Eye Shadow Palette here!

*Product provided as a PR sample.


Dominique -aka- 美華ちゃん said...

So....do you apply it like regular eyeshadow?

IP Lawyers Melbourne said...
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yummy411 said...

@ dominique: great question.. i got more control by using my fingers.

K&T Makeup Artistry said...

great look! I love using my creme shadows as bases. I have yet to use them as regular colors. But checking out your FOTD might have to do so

yummy411 said...

@ K&TMA: yes i understand.. with so much dimension to these they can stand a chance!

Kim | Black Beauty Central said...

This looks soo great on you! Can't wait to try!