Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Teen Yummy411: Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Practice makes perfect... or nearly there. That's what I preach to the lil sis. She's already mastered a few skills: cornrowing, a mean DC wrap (hair style), even managing her little nephews. While she can get hair pointers from her other sisters, we work on beauty. I'm happy that she's tweezing her own brows (and even bleaches them sometime!)

I just wanted to show you guys what we do from time to time when she's in the mood. Here are two short snippet videos where she's practicing tweezing her brows and applying false lashes. (A little anecdote for you: My older sister started practicing arching eyebrows , with a razor nonetheless, on me when she was sixteen! She began doing weddings by 20 years old!)

**Teen Yummy411 wants to ask that you all pardon the condition of her nails before you begin viewing the vids, lol!

Her tweezing technique is one I showed her loosely based on the white liner trick as Michelle Phan demonstrates in her Basic Eybrow Tutorial.

I've learned the easiest way to apply lashes was with a tweezer. I wanted the little sister to learn to use the tweezers as she learned to apply lashes. Pretty good, huh?
If she keeps practicing, she'll be nearly perfect at this!
Here is a nice lash tutorial that shows how to apply lahses with tweezers, removing them and maintaining them by JulieG713.

Have you all mastered brow tweezing and lash application? Any handy tricks you want to pass on?


Anonymous said...

That's soo funny because it reminds me of MiniMishMash. She's got a couple years before she's an "official" teen, but I know she'll be practicing on herself like Teen Yummy411!!

yummy411 said...

awww! you are so lucky to have daughters!