Monday, March 15, 2010

My favorite nude dupe!

My first nude lippy love was with MAC's lip lacquer in Love In. I use it on all of my brides. It is a dreaded discontinued item :( Oddly enough, it has lasted for a veerryy long time.

I found a dupe for it: Nars' Striptease! LOVE!

Love In is a bit more golden and opaque on the first swipe. Check the swatches:
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GlamourandLove said...

I'm horrible at picking a nude lip color!!! Still haven't found a signature one!

Dao said...

Love In looks a tiny bit like Elle, which is a LE item a long time ago. I'm glad you found something similar because I love that Elle lip glass so much!

yummy411 said...

@ glamourandlove: hope you find a shade!m have you ever tried siss lipstick by MAC or mad cap lipglass by MAC? both are popular nudes for women of color!

@ dao: wow i wish i could have gotten to see elle lipglass.